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Missing Elderly People

In the past two days, my Facebook news feed has had two alerts for local missing adults. They were both elderly and suffer from a mental illness. The woman yesterday has bipolar disorder. Fortunately, she was found safely. This morning, a 78-year-old man with dementia is missing.

We all know we have to watch our children to ensure they don't wander away from home and get lost or hurt. What I don't understand is why no one seems to be watching their parents and grandparents. A 78-year-old man with dementia should NEVER be left alone.

These cases often end tragically because the older people get lost and confused. They are so vulnerable and hearing that another person is missing this morning makes me really sad and angry. Some one should be in charge of watching them or they should be held responsible like parents are when one of their young children wanders off because they are left alone.

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Ellis wrote on August 5, 2014, 3:52 PM

It's sad to watch the deterioration of someones mind....

GreatMartin wrote on August 6, 2014, 4:26 PM

There are--granted expensive--tags that old people can wear and they are known to be where they are at all times.

MegL wrote on October 2, 2014, 1:06 PM

Problems happen with elderly people. I know one person whose father set her kitchen on fire because he forgot he had the stove on to make toast! The old people's home up the street from us has a lock on the door because many of the elderly people there cannot be allowed out as they would wander off. It is difficult when you have a relative with dementia. My sister in law has mild cognitive deficiency, which is the start of dementia. She has no children and lives alone. We cannot force her to live with us, nor force her to take more exercise or socialise, both of which would help. She does not believe she has a problem and it is not sufficiently bad yet, to take legal action, yet I can see a time coming when she will get too bad to be allowed to live alone. But what do you do til then? I know one family who had their mother living with them and thought she was under close supervision but she got up in the middle of the night, opened the locked front door and went wandering in her nightie!

MegL wrote on October 2, 2014, 1:07 PM

There have been alerts in my areas in the past couple of weeks for what are termed "vulnerable adults". These are adults with learning difficulties. Both have now been found, yet the current practice is to encourage vulnerable adults to live as independently as possible in the community, rather than being locked up in an institution.