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My white rabbit story

littleblacwolf10 - in response to your writing challenge about the white rabbit

With flushed skin and a fast beating heart i peer into the hole in which the white rabbit had disappeared into, i was excited to have seen him as i had never seen a wild white rabbit in the wild before.

Deep down in the hole i can see a light and so i try to get as close to the hole as i can, suddenly the ground begins to rumble and something extraordinary happens. The hole begins to grow wider and wider and i feel a strong suction surround my face and begin to pull me in.

Then i am falling, slowly, softly, like a feather, at first i close my eyes in fright but the fall is a long one and so i open my eyes to look around and assess my fate.

All around me are walls made out of crystal, there is no soil, and above me i see the hole entrance return to its normal size and below me i see glistening water, like crystals are below the surface shining through.

I fall for a little while longer and then i hit the water, as i am going under i feel calm, all is quiet, i am not scared, but as i swim back up what i see on resurfacing really surprises me.

There are three snow white swans with a ring of pink roses hung around their necks, they do not open their mouths and speak but yet i hear them. They tell me to climb on to one of their backs and so i obey.

We travel along the waters edge for a little while until we come to a waterfall, pink roses are falling as well with the water, as we swim under it they magically turn into a ring of roses around my neck, the smell of them is so nice.

Under the waterfall is a big field of vibrant green grass, pink roses and hundreds, no thousands of white rabbits, all with deep blue eyes, looking at me.

They too speak, i turn back to see the swans swimming away and then i hear lots of voices telling me to follow them, i turn back to see the rabbits running away and so i follow and run too.

They lead me to a picnic area on the field and tell me to sit down, i sit and we all eat, there are carrots, cucumbers, apples and some other leafy vegetables, i eat some carrots and sit in amazement as the rabbits tell me that i can stay if i want too, that i dont need to come back.

I tell them that i cant stay that my family are at home and that i must go back and so they tell me that i can stay for a little while.

One of the smallest rabbits runs up to me with a little bottle of liquid in his mouth, he drops it at my feet and tells me to drink it.

I drink it, it tastes sweet like honey, and all my muscles get weak and i fall to the floor, as i lay there i begin to feel weird, tingly all over , and very itchy on my face all the rabbits surround me and i can hear whispering but i cant make out what they are saying.

I take out my pocket mirror to see why my face is itching and i drop the mirror in shock, my face is no longer my face, i have deep blue eyes and snow white furry skin, just like the rabbits.

I jump up and look down at my body to find that the whole of me is also white and before long i have been transferred into a rabbit.

The white rabbits laugh at me and tell me not to worry, that it is just for a little while.

They run and tell me to follow, and so i run and leap and jump, through underground fields, over streams and rivers and up and over hills, stopping to nibble vegetation along the way.

I feel free and energised and everything is all so magical.

After a little while the rabbits tell me that it is time for me to go back, one of them brings me another little bottle of liquid and tell me to drink it.

I thank them for the lovely magical experience and drink the liquid.

The next thing i wake up in my bed and its morning, i quickly run to the mirror and see my own face looking back at me.

nooo i think,it wasn't a dream, it wasn't a dream, but after telling my family my story they just laughed and ridiculed me, told me that it was just a vivid dream, that it could never be real.

Logic told me that it was a dream too and so i tried to push it all to the back of my mind.

After breakfast i went to make my bed and under my pillows lay a ring of pink roses and a little model of a white rabbit with deep blue eyes and snow white hair.

I smile as i make my bed and put the items in a box at the top of my wardrobe.

When everyone else had gone to bed i ran back to where the rabbit hole had been but it was no longer there.

I felt dissapointed but i was glad i had had the chance to experience something so magical.

The ring of roses also never died , the scent never faded and my little white model rabbit would sometimes be found in other areas of my bedroom to where i had previously left it.

truly magical.


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MegL wrote on August 2, 2014, 6:28 AM

Loved that story. That could be the start of a children's series, with the circle of roses or the white rabbit taking you back on adventures.

Scorpie wrote on August 2, 2014, 6:29 AM

I knew better than to combine cyclobenzaprine with Captain Morgan, but here I am.

astraldreamer wrote on August 2, 2014, 10:36 AM

Thanks, it just all came to me as i began writing scorpie i didnt get your comment ?

Scorpie wrote on August 2, 2014, 10:39 AM

Prescriptions and alcohol when combined !?properly?! can take you into another world.

astraldreamer wrote on August 2, 2014, 10:42 AM

scorpie ok lol, still a Lil confused how that relates to my story though ha ha

Scorpie wrote on August 2, 2014, 10:47 AM

Truly magical indeed.