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LED Flashlight: Surefire 6 PX Pro/ G2 X 320 Lumens Review

This flashlight is compact(fits easily in your hand) and gives off light by pushing the button on the end of the flashlight.

This is the flashlight used by professionals in the law enforcement fields, SWAT teams, Outdoor professionals and Campers. This flashlight works for anyone who needs a flashlight that fits in small areas and gives off brighter light than your average size flashlight.

Unlike most flashlights it doesn't have side slide push controls or is cumbersome to hold. This flashlight has ergonomic hand grip carvings in the design.

You can turn on the light by pushing the button in the end of the flashlight. Push once for lower light ( 15 lumens) or push twice for higher light( 320 lumens)

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The picture, in this review, is a dark room illuminated at the lower lumens setting. The person was standing 7 feet away from the picture. You can use the lower setting for most tasks.

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Battery Life:

If the flashlight is left on, accidentally on the lower lumens setting, it will run for 45 hours. If the flashlight is left on at the higher setting, it will run for 2.5 hours.

The flashlight needs two lithium batteries; they load easily into the handle and are held in by a screw top. The manufacturer(Surefire) recommends that you use the suggested surefire LED batteries. At the surefire website, you can purchase twelve lithium batteries for 22.50( Brand: SF12-BB, Box of 12 Surefire 123A Lithium Batteries)


At the time of this review, Amazon had the flashlight for 60.00 instead of the original price of 115 dollars. Check Amazon for specials. Also, Check Ebay and similar discount sites for deals but make sure it's the same flashlight. Verify authenticity with the seller and do a visual image check. I noticed that what appears to be a knock off of this flashlight was being sold by one vendor.


  • These LED flashlights must be stored in a cool dry place and not near flammable materials
  • Don't put the light next to your skin or shine in your eyes
  • The batteries should be stored with caution
  • The flashlight and the batteries are not toys. Keep away from children
  • In the unlikely event that the battery catch fire, you must use a fire extinguisher
  • Make sure to read the instructions and guide before operating

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+Surefire 6 PX Pro/G2 X 320 Lumens

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BarbRad wrote on August 2, 2014, 2:02 AM

If I were rich, I'd buy one. I like the size. Do you have o keep your hand on the button to keep it on? How firmly do you have to press the button? The flashlight i keep in my purse is larger and cheaper, but sometimes it goes on accidentally in my purse and I don't notice. Sometimes the top unscrews itself in there, too, and the batteries fall out. I think I'm hard on anything in my purse.