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Breathe Right Nasal Strips: Do They Work? Snoring Product Review Number 2

I have been looking for a product to help with breathing and stop snoring. I have another review, on another snoring product, in this two part series.

This particular product is called: Breathe Righte Nasal Strips

Yep. The copywriter did a good job with the name. I was sold. How can you resist "Breathing Right" and the benefits: " Breathe Better. Sleep Better"

What is it?

The box I bought contained 30 large tan colored strips that fit and stay across the nose because of the adhesive backing. You use one strip at a time each night. Somehow this strip pulls and opens the nose. The adhesive is strong and stays on the skin. The strip is removed by putting water on the strip and gently removing it. Make sure you use enough water as it pulls the skin as you remove it. These strips come in two sizes. Each size must be purchased separately.

The strips I purchased were size "large." The alternative size was small/medium. I had to guess about which size to buy. The box advertisement says that it lifts open the nasal passage and will increase the flow of air: 31%

Are you on medications or do you have allergies?

The packaging of the product contains rubber; so if you're allergic to rubber, you may not want to purchase this. If you're taking medications, the company states that the strips will not hurt you. I'd check with a doctor to be sure. You may not be aware of having a rubber allergy.



What concerns me, is that I couldn't find detailed instructions on nose size and choosing the correct strip size. The large seemed to fit; but how do I know for sure that a medium size would have been more effective. That means, I'd have to buy two different boxes. There should be a clear diagram or table on choosing the correct size.

Fit and Sizing:

If I compare how the strip fits on my nose to the picture on the box, it appears that my strip may not be large enough. But I wonder if a size small would work. Why is the small medium a combination size, yet the large size doesn't cover extra large? And what specifically does the size mean relative to your nostril shape and size.

Another concern is that it's not clear where to place the strip on the nose for it to remain effective. I'm never sure if the strip is in the right place on my nose or if the strip is too high or low on the nose.

How would I know if placing the strip is 1/4 inch higher or lower would be ok? Also, the instructions state that the largest wings, on the strip, should be closer to the nostrils. (See the picture above: the wings are fairly close in size)


I couldn't tell if the strip was making it easier for me to breathe. Some other online reviewers said they could feel their breathing change. That didn't happen for me. So, I had to base its effectiveness on snoring reduction.

I snored some on the first night of using the strip. Two weeks later, I snored twice. On those two nights, could I have placed the strip a tiny fraction higher or lower? Did that affect the outcome? ( To be fair, the wording in their advertising emphasizes breathing right instead of snoring)

I'll finish using the box but I don't think I'll be buying them again. There are to many unknowns concerning usage and sizing for this product. I'm not spending 11 dollars to try another size.

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Scorpie wrote on August 1, 2014, 5:53 PM

I have used these and they only help if your nose is kinda collapsed in the middle soft area. They will not help if you have apnea from neck fat.