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My best friend's birthday

Well August is here, this month has a special meaning for me since it is full of celebrations.

For starters, we will be celebrating the 80th birthday of one of our dearest family members, in just a few days. And on August 7th my country commemorates the battle that sealed our Independence from Spain 195 years ago in 1819.

To start the month on a high note, today is the birthday celebration of my best friend Mr. ER also known as Henery Hawk emoticon :winking:

Since I am traveling I won't be congratulating him personally, but that is not important as he knows I will be joining him in spirit.

He is the kind of guy that likes parties and big celebrations, unlike me, but in a day like these I gladly have a beer or some wine to celebrate, this time it will have to be at a distance.

This is just a short note to say "Happy Birthday Mr. ER" and to celebrate friendship!

Do you have any celebration in August?

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