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YouTube changed the way we understand the Internet

YouTube is obviously one of those applications that under no circumstances may be missing in your Android phone, and if you're fond of watching videos. With it, you will have the opportunity to access the majority of which are uploaded on the world's biggest video streaming platform.

As for the features of the Android app itself, we can mention for example that lets watch a video while we are looking for another addition to make our favorite on the list of "watch later", subscribe to our favorite channels, and share videos via social networks like Google+, Facebook and Twitter, without leaving the email either.

YouTube does not need much more introduction as service, as we all know, but I must say that its application for Android is as interesting as the web platform, and does not consume many resources as one could possibly imagine for a playback app videos.

Overall, yes we must emphasize that much better performance is obtained when we have a data package for 3G or 4G Internet, or when we are connected to our WiFi network. Otherwise, any application can be somewhat slow. However, the truth is well worth it if we use our network to reach others most of the time.

Whether you like music, football, or anything else that can be seen on video, the truth is that YouTube has changed the way we understand the Internet, and therefore can not fail to have one of the best applications that have been created for all kinds of devices, although in this case we refer only to the Android operating system.

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inertia4 wrote on July 27, 2014, 6:43 PM

randomrants Who really cares about Android anyway. YouTube is by far the best video service out there. And it works best with iOS. I use YouTube all the time. I find that between Apple and Google, they have the tech world all sewn up at this point. Microsoft is out of the picture as far as I am concerned. Android is okay but is not as fluid as iOS. I always thought that Apple and Google should have teamed up together. They would be the biggest thing in the world.

MsTina wrote on July 27, 2014, 7:19 PM

My 3-year-old is a huge fan of YouTube. She likes to watch toy reviews and videos of people playing with their Barbies and Frozen dolls. Of course, I have to monitor it because every now and then she comes across a video with inappropriate language.

paigea wrote on July 27, 2014, 8:26 PM

My husband uses Youtube to see how to do DIY repairs around the house. Invariably he finds someone has posted his exact problem with the same brand of appliance, or whatever he's trying to fix. I never use Youtube for anything.

bestwriter wrote on July 27, 2014, 9:42 PM

i have downloaded a free youtube movie maker software. It allows 5 minutes but if you want more then you have to pay. This can be done only when you are online and that is the disadvantage. Normally Operating systems have movie makers which can be worked offline but somehow I do not see it in windows 7. I am planning on getting a software that allows offline movie making.