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It's a French Toast Kind of Morning :)

Morning everyone :)

The temps were just perfect for breakfast out on the deck. I almost wish that we could have these temps year round so that we could have breakfast out there every morning. And seeing that it was Saturday, the cold cereal was left in the cupboard and we had French Toast. I have tried making it from scratch, but I have yet to find a recipe that I actually like so I have been relying on the frozen variety from Gordon Foods. It tastes as close to perfect as you can get and even better if you thaw it out and toast it about 5 times until it's good and crunchy and then it is awesome with coffee. Kind of like cinnamon sticks. Maybe you have to be there to try them. But if you do have a Gordon Food Services close by, I highly recommend trying them out. We actually like it better than Costco for food believe it or not and they always have the items that we want. They don't disappear the next time we go shopping. How often has that happened with Costco!

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