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The Miniature Lilac Who Hated Water

We first found this little lilac tree at a nursery and it was just so sweet that I had to have it. Darling daughter was working for a landscape and design company so had access to a lot of interesting trees. Lilacs generally grow as bushes. This one is completely different. The lilac top is grafted to a trunk and then it grows into a sphere.

We found the perfect corner of the garden for it and I planted it. Let me first tell you that the soil where we lived was made primarily of clay which meant that the ground had very little drainage. I thought that we had taken care of the problem when we planted the tree but not enough. Within a couple of weeks the tree began to show signs of stress. Darling daughter question me on how I had prepared the hole and within 5 minutes said... "that's the problem right there. Lets dig it up again and take a closer look." Sure enough the roots were sitting in water that had never drained away. We gently removed the tree and set it aside, made the hole bigger and filled it with a lot more rocks. The tree was replaced, soil re-added and we stepped away. What you see is our little lilac tree the next spring.

I just might give it a try again with our next house. It's such an easy tree to grow when you keep it happy! :)

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Fractal wrote on July 25, 2014, 8:20 PM

Lovely. I do hope it has the delicious scent of lilac, I grew one similar some years ago and was so disappointed to find there was no smell to it all.

paigea wrote on July 27, 2014, 12:30 PM

Lovely. That is a great gardening lesson. I need to check why some of our fruit trees are not flourishing.