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Pets are family too.

I am a great lover of animals.

When i was about 6 i decided that i wanted to get a black panther as a pet, they are beautiful animals and back then i really believed that as a grown up i was going to get a baby black panther and tame it and that it would live with me ha ha.

My love for animals never waned, Ive had a dog, plenty of budgerigars and a few hamsters and now i have two cats named jasper and tiger.

Jasper my black domestic short hair boy is 6 next week and tiger my Bengal boy is 2 years old.

I love them just like they are my family, they are my babies.

On Christmas as their birthdays i always treat them to special premium cat food, a toy and some cat treats and i always talk to them and cuddle them and tell them i love them.

I feel annoyed when people say to me oh they are only cats etc, to me they have souls, they can feel emotions and need love like the rest of us, so i feel that animals should be respected, loved like one of the family.

Image Credit » picture is by me (astraldreamer) edited on pizap.

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