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Flashback Friday - Watching 'The Challenger Muay Thai'

Going with another TV post. Was channel surfing earlier and saw another favorite TV program of mine . I remember watching this show back in 2011. The show was based in and featured 16 muay thai fighters from different parts of the world. There were from the United States, Iran, France, Algeria, and of course Thailand. The host (forgot his name, too lazy to look it up online) along with two other coaches give challenges to the contestants per week. At the end of the challenge, the contestants choose among themselves who they think did well in the challenge. The host and the coaches talk among themselves as well and pick out the best from the lot. If the picks of the host, coaches, and contestants are the same, the picked fighter gets to choose who his opponent is and they fight the next day. The loser gets eliminated from the contest. If the contestants have a different pick from that of the host and the coaches. Both fighters square off and of course, the loser of the match is eliminated.

This selection process is unique and different from other reality fight shows and this is both the strength and weakness of the show.

In the first week, the challenge was an endurance challenge featuring the contestants cardio. The contestants, host, and coaches had a unanimous pick. As expected the unanimously picked fighter got a far inferior opponent. He won the fight quite handily, knocking out his opponent in the third round.

I'm glad that the I got to watch the replay of this show and I'm hoping to see the whole season again. There was another episode being shown after the first one. Apparently, they are showing back to back episodes but I missed it caused I had to go to my muay thai session. Pictured in this post are my muay thai shorts.

Do you find yourself watching TV shows that feature your personal interests?

Image Credit » Photo is mine. My Twins muay thai shorts.

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