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Is your cat jealous when is near your baby?

Many people believe that cats are jealous of newborns and try various methods to protect the little ones by those cats that are now on second place. And it is understandable ... it isn't nice to change purring lap sitting on the doorstep ...

Do you have at least one cat in the house and you do not know how it will react to the arrival of the new family member? Do you think the cat will have "crisis" of jealousy?

Well...I don't know how your cat react when is near your baby,but I know that when I had my little girl born,my cat was very jealous and he was trying to be near me all the time :) I guess he was being afraid of not loving him as much as I was doing before I had my little girl born.

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LoudMan wrote on August 26, 2014, 6:39 AM

A cat can be tossed out a window, too, if they're too jealous. Just one nice, solid throw should do it.