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Dial products this week at CVS the week July 20th, 2014

There is a good deaL at cvs on dial products

Dial body wash is $3 each and if you buy 2 you get 2 ecbs which is the same as cash except it doesn't pay tax . there is also a coupon on my website and also on that is for $2 off 2 dial body wash so instead of paying $6 you would pay $ then you would get back 2 ecbs. Then you could do the dial hand soap the ones in a pump or you could do the 3 pack bar soap and they are $4 for 2 and there's a coupon that you can print for a dollar of 2. You would use the coupons and the $2 ECBs you got from the body wash and then you would only have to pay $1 for two of the bar soaps or the hand soapand then you would get back 2 ecbs.

if you do Ibotta which is an app for your smartphone that gives you money back for certain products you buy and dial is one of the products and you can get a dollar back for buying womens body wash men's body wash and bar soap so that's a total of $3 back plus you get $1 more for a bonus. but I think the dial is going to go away from I bought a in a couple days so if you're going to do this deall you better hurry up.

So I actually paid cash $5 for two body wash and two bar soaps and got back from ibotta $4 plus I still have the $2 Ecb from the barsoap. So I actually earned money maybe about $1 and I also got two body washes two bar soaps.

I love to pay nothing for something.

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gidget wrote on July 21, 2014, 9:03 PM

You are such a shopping genius! The apps are great, too, for getting money back!

LoudMan wrote on July 21, 2014, 10:27 PM

that's a good price on bodywash as it is. Free things make me nervous, though.