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How to Get Hot Figure Girlz

Couldn't wait to share this article with you here because well, it's summertime and I know how us ladies all crave a hot body. So here's what I learned today. I'll paraphrase a bit so as to enhance these tips but I'll leave in quotes the good stuff....

TIP 1.

Get off your butt 'cause if you don't, "it makes fat accumulate in your dead consistency". It's a good idea to take the stairs rather than the elevator from time to time. So "walk up the steps during the geological fault , avoiding heave."

TIP 2.

Cut back on junk food because it has no nutrients and "fleshiness". It's chief attribute is "rubble food".

TIP 3.

Focus on waist and tummy toning exercises especially the "diaphragm region should be concentrated by you". When doing your exercises, stand up straight and "lift your deal".

TIP 4.

Try to "touch your toe without deflection your knee." And for prime fat burning remember "omission is very commodity for your pegleg and for the total fat bank deposit in your body."

TIP 5.

"Trygve Halvden...pentad". You know what I mean. Bring it on. Words to chant when you're exercising. Oh, and make sure you drink a lot of water so your stomach will feel full in between meals. In other words "drunkenness spate of water supply".

This post was inspired by this article here . See the full article for the complete tips


I just had to laugh. Props to Persona Paper for taking an aggressive stance against article spinning. It's embarrassing to have well-written articles bumped up against junk. We can all do without such laughable material on this or any other site. Report. Report. Report. There's a difference between articles written by non-native English speakers and spun content. You'll know it when you read it.

Read more about it here...

Spinning Articles Policy by MaeLou

Why PP is So Right to Distance Itself From Bubblews by indexer

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Ellis wrote on July 19, 2014, 8:31 PM

.....and relax....right I'm done....time for a doughnut! lol

MsTina wrote on July 19, 2014, 8:43 PM

I hate horribly spun content. I actually own an article spinning program but I would never use it for plagiarizing other people's work. It takes me a few days to create an article to spin because I write one original article and then write two alternate sentences for each sentence before I go through and manually choose appropriate synonyms for words within my original work. I use them for a content mill I write for and the are all my original work.

samcyz wrote on July 20, 2014, 12:40 PM

I am trying to lose some weight too ::D