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Thrift Shopping Yields HUGE Savings

I set out for the Midnight Madness sale at Goodwill Industries tonight. The 50 percent off EVERYTHING sale ran 8-12 midnight, and true to its word, it was madness!

I arrived about 8:15, and the checkout line was already snaking all the way to the back of the store. I'm guessing people had camped out from earlier in the day, picking out things they wanted, then sitting on them until the sale officially began.

That didn't stop me from grabbing a boatload of great deals. I spent a little over $28 for a cart full of stuff and donated the leftover change to round it up to $29. I'm glad Goodwill started asking about the rounding up. It's something no one thinks about, but the change certainly adds up. I'm just considering the length of the line times 50 cents each. That's a good donation to the store.

Here's my haul:

$9.50 -- 3 heavy, medium-sized paintings---Not sure I'll keep them as they are. I really bought them for the great frames and mats and glass. I have some artwork that I can insert into the frames.

$1.00 -- 2 small kitchenware pieces (see photo). I'd like some help for what these are. They are both the same size, about 7 inches in diameter. It's a plate with a lid. One has the apple decoration, and the other has blueberries. At 50 cents each, it was worth buying them to put some cheeses in or the like at party. I like buying these kinds of things so when I go to parties, I can take snacks, then leave the dish with the hostess.

$1.00 -- 1 hand painted flower vase. Blue and yellow to match my bedroom.

$2.50 -- Bright yellow ceramic pitcher. I like this, but I have a feeling I'm won't get to keep it. My mom loves yellow, and whenever she visits, at some point she says the phrase, "Do you have anything yellow you want to give me?" She's been doing it for over 20 years, so I'm sure my time with the vase will be short.

$1.25 -- Pillow. This is a separate story, but I'm buying them for the inserts.

$2.00 -- Gold trivet with roses.

My big score was a $10 suit from Talbott's. I'm job hunting, so this is a great find.

I love my deals!

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paigea wrote on July 18, 2014, 12:14 PM

Those are great finds. Maybe those dishes are cheese plates, or maybe to keep a piece of pie covered.

LoudMan wrote on July 21, 2014, 11:10 AM

I hear bad news about "Goodwill's" real intentions. It makes me quite sad, actually.