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A lovely chicken dinner!

Since I am still plugging away at re-creating a better and healthier lifestyle for myself, I figured that tonight my boyfriend and I would have a lovely chicken dinner for supper.

So basically the recipe is going to be:

  1. One Lean Chicken Breast (Skinless).
  2. Celtic Sea Salt (one pinch)
  3. Vegetable Oil and Pepper
  4. Real Chedder Cheese (less than 2 ounces)
  5. Garlic (Ground up)
  6. Pasta
  7. Broccoli
  8. Carrots
  9. Corn

My boyfriend and I prefer to have chicken or white meat like fish (Talapia that is Fresh/frozen - not that breaded stuff) rather than red meat as red meat is harder for the body to break down and digest, and it can cause gout if you eat too much of it.

Gout is a type of arthritis that is prone in men who are overweight and who drink a lot of beer and eat a lot of red meat. It can also be found in women who are in menopause and is caused by a build up of uric acids in the body. The reason why I state that red meat is a no no for those who experience gout is because red meat has a lot of purines in it which can cause more uric acid build up. Gout usually only affects one area such as the big toe or the ankle, but flare ups last over long periods of time and hurts a lot (weeks, months). Luckily gout is a treatable condition.

So we eat a lot of chicken and fish when we can afford it, and tonight is one of those nights!

I am really looking forward to eating some healthy, nourishing food as I have only had rice for the past two days (plus my fruit shakes that I make with my Le-Vel Shake Mix) and that's doing a terrible number on my metabolism (the rice, not the shakes). Time to boost my metabolism back up!

We'll be going for a walk after dinner, and checking out Colin James at the Music Festival that goes on every Wednesday and Saturday night.

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tinamarie wrote on July 17, 2014, 11:30 AM

A recipe after my own heart! I love stir fry's and white fish is one of my favorite meats. Eating healthy is really easy to do, just omit processed foods and sugars and you'll feel great in a short amount of time.

simone425 wrote on July 27, 2014, 5:30 PM

It looks like a really great recipe! I also love chicken and tilapia. I could almost eat chicken everyday.