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ViralSwarm, a video and meme site that's new to me

If you enjoy watching funny and appreciate images just crying out for a share on Facebook or Twitter, don’t forget to check out .

It’s difficult to know where to start looking on this site, as there are just so many videos and to take in. From retro technology to the requisite cute , , dogs and more, this site is a prime distraction, even when you’re supposed to be writing about it as I am.

If you simply can’t get your head around it, there’s always the email subscription option to a daily digest of funnies to wind down with. Or just save the site in your opening tabs, and you can have as much funny, cute, odd and left field as you like at any one time.

The site strikes me as a cross between YouTube and Cheezburger (and I’m a sucker for LOLCats). I present Exhibit A: Airport Workers with too much Time on their Hands .

Exhibit B: My manager posted a note in the break room (as a proofreader and editor, this one particularly appealed to me!)

Funny license plates ? Check.

Tara the Hero Cat ? Check.

Michael Jackson dance at a high school talent contest ? You bet!

You get the idea now? This site is full of win. Funny win, inspiring win and awesome win. The team spend their time trawling the net for the best of this stuff, and pulling it together on the one site for you to enjoy. You don’t need to go anywhere else for your daily dose of ‘OMG did that person/animal really do that?’ As the founders explain on the About page, there are no rules about what makes something go viral. It Just Does.

As an arctophile, I have to share this one too: Alaskan bear .

I think it’s safe to say that whether you love looking at adorable , roaring at pratfalls and takes, chuckling at the silly things people generally do, enjoying and jokes from series and or cooing over of any species, this site has something for you.

By the way, in the 24 hours since I began researching this post, the following piece of awesomeness has appeared: Time Travelers’ Convention . As has a wonderful video showing a cat giving their owner a high five (or several)

There is also a recently added funny giving wifi names and an interesting piece about snails. We have lots of snails around here so that was an educational submission to read, rather than being funny.

That’s the best thing about viral , and . They can be educational as well as funny. ViralSwarm has something for everyone, even those, like me, who are not generally video watchers due to poor connection speed.

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