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Bubblews Launches New Glitchy Site Re-Design & Sent Out Press Releases Despite System Errors

I appreciate the frontiers that Bubblews has opened up for many bloggers and writers who are new to online writing. Many of us that have our hopes pinned on it being the next big thing.

We've patiently hung around to see the highly anticipated new site launch. Not everyone is pleased with the changes. Plus the front page is littered with posts complaining about this and that including a longer wait for payouts.

There are some natterings while everyone gets used to the new image layout which at this point has the title superimposed on the bottom and cannot be edited. Also multi-picture posts appear to be all haywire.

But even worse, the system errors have not gone away. I cringe every time I click on a post and find that I may or may not get in.

It is with hubris that the Bubblews team have plowed ahead and sent out at least two press releases without doing a site soft launch to iron out the glitches. So I can only imagine that increased page views with today's media blitz are only going to clog up the site's traffic further.

Personally, I'd like to see Persona Paper, Bubblews and other paid social media sites and content writing sites thrive. It's great if there's a variety of places people can contribute content. So please Arvind and Jason, get it together to put our best foot forward today and everyday...

Here are the press releases that were sent out today on Business Wire:

Bubblews Officially Launches Its Innovative Social Media Platform for Good

Bubblews Study: 63% of Americans Discover Important News on Social Media

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Kasman wrote on July 16, 2014, 3:25 PM

I think it's a giant step sideways! There has been no movement on getting rid of spammers - they are still there and still posting their idiotic comments. The site may look good but, as you say, it still isn't working properly; the image download from Pixabay just sits there turning and turning and not getting anywhere. Better luck next time Bubblews!

imphavok wrote on July 16, 2014, 3:26 PM

I m definitely not liking the new Bubblews. All I wanted was a basically glitch free site and faster pay. The site is still has a pile of glitches and now pays are even longer to get! I redeeemed today and got the message that I would be paid by August 16! Ouch! Are they kidding?!

AdrienneJenkins wrote on July 16, 2014, 3:27 PM

Kasman --- There is just a variation on the idiotic comments. Here's what I've seen. Nice poooooooooooooooooooooooooooost. Just to make the character minimum. That's a joke ain't it. We all want their altruistic aims to be fulfilled especially given that they also received funding.

AdrienneJenkins wrote on July 16, 2014, 3:28 PM

I don't mind the longer pay because it's what I'm used to from writing on other content sites. But I know that it runs contrary to their previous promise when they increased the payout from $25 to $50.

AdrienneJenkins wrote on July 16, 2014, 3:29 PM

I'm bumping up against system errors all day.

MaeLou wrote on July 16, 2014, 3:48 PM

Or nice post...........................................

SandraLynn wrote on July 16, 2014, 3:57 PM

I like the new look - at a glance. But I'm rarely there. I'm here or over sprucing up my site. Daily users have got to have it rough. And it sounds like then, from what you are saying (and I'm hearing you) that he just went and did what he usually does. Ignored everyone and everything and waved the pretty in our faces.

Crap :(

And yep. I said that out loud.

Well, it's almost 4 and I've gotten next to nothing accomplished that was on my actual TA-DO list today. No complaining. Tis what it is. Off to try and tick something off...the list ;)

Cheers :)

gidget wrote on July 16, 2014, 3:58 PM

I have not tried posting anything yet. I keep putting off working on my term paper, so I go here for a little bit, check my email for a little bit, sing online karaoke for a bit, look at my word document, look at bubblews, wrote a couple of posts here, sing a little more lol. I am going to make myself finish my term paper and then maybe post something on bubblews.

What a dilemma, what a procrastinator!

JanetHunt wrote on July 16, 2014, 4:03 PM

Oh my! I hope they get these bugs worked out soon. I am not sure I really like the new layout, but I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually!

AdrienneJenkins wrote on July 16, 2014, 4:07 PM

It looks like the Google Plus layout but we're all merged together. None of the colors mean anything. They're just randomly chosen by users. So it's a hodgepodge of all sorts of content.

The good thing is that the front page keeps moving. Everyone now hits the front page.

VASS wrote on July 16, 2014, 4:11 PM

You spoke my mind. The longer pay is not an issue to me. What is an issue is having all the errors back again, even more spam than before (or so it seems) and not a release with a complete list of what has changed.

BigDreamer wrote on July 16, 2014, 4:36 PM

I do like the new look.
But there are still so many glitches that they need to work out.

nbaquero wrote on July 16, 2014, 5:02 PM

So far this is only a visual format change with minor functionality enhacements. The major problems with the site have not been addressed yet. I really really hope they listen to their users/contributors otherwise these changes will be useless.

Kementari wrote on July 16, 2014, 5:37 PM

I would have to agree with this post completely. Bubblews should probably think about having it so that their site isn't set across a whole bunch of servers and yes they really need to work on ironing out the glitches that are already there. But at the same time, every site will have glitches and every site will need to be revamped from time to time which will bring up new errors for people. Not every site is going to work amazing, all the time.

Yes they need to get their stuff together, but patience is what is key here I think.

As for the longer wait period for money.... people really need to actually read what was said. It says that it, "may take up to 30 days" therefore they aren't stating that you will have to wait 30 days, but that there is a possibility that it may take that long but not necessarily. Remember the site revamp was just launched today, that doesn't mean you'll be waiting a full 30 days in the future, especially considering they have launched automatic payments.

WesleyMesser wrote on July 16, 2014, 5:39 PM

I haven't had any system errors outside of this morning. I have had however issues in just having people seeing my posts period. We're all getting lost in a shuffle there today. I do think a lot of it is just people adapting to the system. It's just a little weird when suddenly you get that powerful a drop in people checking out your stuff in one day.

SandraLynn wrote on July 16, 2014, 5:51 PM

That's an easy fix and hopefully someone over there will write about it. At the top of the home page, it says "Everyone" and "Following"...

If you click "Following", if gives you all the posts, including your latest of the folks you are following :)

I hope that helps, if I understand what you meant...

AdrienneJenkins wrote on July 16, 2014, 6:10 PM

I understand glitches on a new website. I understand that there could be multiple servers and that the user experience is different for other people. Why am I not patient?

I can't expect external users who've never interacted with the site why they can't access information I'm pointing to from a Pintrest pin. You can't expect a journalist from Wired Magazine to click on a new site re-design and get an error message.

Why wouldn't we want to put our best foot forward?

Yes, I'd actually prefer to go offline, have everything perfect and re-launch glitch free. There's a difference between this or that doesn't work. But system up time should be a priority don't you think?

That's a must have not a nice to have.

AliCanary wrote on July 16, 2014, 6:21 PM

Oh, I think we've known they have their heads completely up their butts for a really long time, now. Remember when they spent all that time and money on a "huge new special development", and all it was was a cheesy, weird, animated video for the landing page? Bless me.

MisfitChick wrote on July 16, 2014, 6:31 PM

With hubris... You got that right, Adrienne. :)

MisfitChick wrote on July 16, 2014, 6:33 PM

With hubris... You got that right, Adrienne. I, for one, was very disappointed. GUESS what my first article was about in here? Nice to see you in here, too. :)

MisfitChick wrote on July 16, 2014, 6:35 PM

Dang, sorry... These are literally my first comments in here. I didn't see them, at first, ha!

PriscillaKing wrote on July 16, 2014, 7:01 PM

I think web designers need to see this comment *everywhere* even if constantly retyping it seems to be blocking any more profitable streams of thought today. Once a web site is launched, the way it looks is the way people get used to having it look, and that's the way it should look. Forever. A web site is a *tool.* Redesigning where everything is and how it works is like sneaking into people's garages and "updating" their cars to automatic transmission. If, once in a while, a feature really needs to be added or removed, you need to *sneak* it in without changing the rest of the site, because changes merely distract and annoy people who wanted to *use* the site.

PriscillaKing wrote on July 16, 2014, 7:03 PM

Sounds like the ugly, messy new look cost them a lot of money!

PriscillaKing wrote on July 16, 2014, 7:08 PM

Yes. I'm a real person. I've never just pasted in one comment over and over, because I've never been forced to do that by a wrist injury. But sometimes when an interesting article ends with a question, a good sincere answer that shows that I read the post is something like "Yes" or "No" or "Once, reportedly, in 1927." If the computer goads me to make it longer...I hadn't thought of leaning on the period button, but I have typed things like "Blah blah blee blee."

PriscillaKing wrote on July 16, 2014, 7:11 PM

Yes, I've noticed more unmistakable spam than before. And nasty spam. I don't mind when people who aren't really writers set up a site that's just to market a product, and hope that posting lots of "Nice posts, have a nice day, come to my web site" sort of comments will generate traffic. They're not necessarily bad people--just not writers. But I've posted nice, kind warnings that when they just dump links into comment areas, even if their sites are legitimate, they're likely to be mistaken for the nasty kind of sites. And now what am I getting in the way of comments? Nasty virus-infected-looking links!

PriscillaKing wrote on July 16, 2014, 7:15 PM

I'm complaining because I think all web designers need to receive the message: Be humble. Don't try to call attention to yourselves by messing things up. As of this morning, that was all...but since then I've found *nothing* that's changed to any real advantage--the more detailed "bank" screen is nice but wasn't necessary--and lots of things that have changed for the worse.

I want all the search engines and so on to pick this up: *Always avoid any avoidable change.*

MaeLou wrote on July 16, 2014, 7:33 PM

I think this is the biggest key here. We're doing a "re-design" of sorts, but for the most part, they are small changes here and there, to ease people into them, and when we go to completely change, it wont be as big of a jump from what we currently have, to what will be. Jumping from one layout to another is really hard on the members, and it scares people away, and when major functionality isn't being worked on, or heck, even ADDRESSED that they plan to work on it, it becomes a problem.

When we run into a glitch or are told about it, we are usually right on top of it, as much as we can be. If it is going to take us awhile to get it together, we let the members at least know that we are aware of the situation and are working on it, not just ignoring the questions and hiding the answers.

AdrienneJenkins wrote on July 16, 2014, 7:39 PM

I don't care about all the bells and whistles. I think most people want two things....

1) Site to be up 100%
2) To get paid in a reliable, timely manner.

VASS wrote on July 16, 2014, 8:02 PM

I have been warning those who seem to be trying to gather legitimate traffic but it just seems like a never ending battle since there's a stream of spammers constantly appearing.

VASS wrote on July 16, 2014, 8:10 PM

I have been on Bubblews for over one year. This is the second biggest upgrade they made. On the first one, last year, the promised changes took a lot of time, as they involved server upgrades. Most of the veteran users were patient with it. I guess now we were expecting more. I can only speak for myself, so I was expecting changes for the better on the things that mattered. The layout looks beautiful, of course, but I was concerned with sharing options (there are only two buttons there now) and getting rid of spam (it seems worse now) as it directly influences the website's reputation. I was also concerned with some of the errors with the images which have not been solved and it got worse. People were always asking for more categories and now we have none. The rules are not summarized on the bank page. There is no kind of statistics to see where does the traffic comes from, which posts are doing better, etc. There is no filter for the spam. I could go on and on.

MaeLou wrote on July 16, 2014, 9:52 PM

Yeah that is what I meant by major functionality, to be actually up and running. No issues this evening over there but this morning and afternoon were pretty bad.

SimeyC wrote on July 16, 2014, 9:54 PM

Strange - I've been on the site all day and haven't had one error - I've had problems with clicking on tags - but that is now fixed. There are some glitches like some posts not appearing on front page, whereas most do - and the 'notification' system is broken - I suspect it will be fixed soon! I do feel they could have waited on week to get all the glitches out before going to press.

SandraLPetersen wrote on July 16, 2014, 10:04 PM

Amen to the comment about the spammers making idiot comments. I saw a poorly written post this morning with at least nine of those comments attached to it.

As far as multi-picture posts . . . I haven't seen anything but a single distorted photo at the top of my multi-photo posts. I am unhappy as all get out that the photos I took such care with to select and edit to make the post better have been discarded. The photos were meant to enhance the article. They weren't window-dressing.

cm_ang83 wrote on July 16, 2014, 10:26 PM

I feel that there are some impact may hit authors. I am effected because after they change the new layout, my earning is dropping.

AdrienneJenkins wrote on July 16, 2014, 11:31 PM

I dunno. My last two posts didn't hit the front page. Are they all supposed to automatically hit the front page?

momathome wrote on July 17, 2014, 1:09 AM

Kasman The good news is that they have now placed power in our hands. We can now delete spammers comments on our posts. I've been doing it off and on all day whenever I receive one. I think that they thought the character limit imposed on comments would eliminate it but we all know that they are determined and will still do it so I'm thrilled that they also included the delete option so that we can eliminate those ourselves.

momathome wrote on July 17, 2014, 1:14 AM

All posts hit the home page but they don't "stick", every article shows up in the order it was submitted and it updates constantly. I actually like the homepage better this way because it is constantly updating instead of seeing the same posts on there for days on end. It actually gives everyone's posts an equal chance to be seen and I love the fact that I can toggle back and forth between "everyone" and "following" so I can see all the recent posts from those I'm following or all the recent posts by everyone on site.

momathome wrote on July 17, 2014, 1:18 AM

I guess I've been lucky today since I have run into very few error messages. I also love the way it is easier to check in with connections, see who you are following and who is following you, and of course that we can delete spam comments on our posts. I know they have some kinks to work out but I am glad they went ahead and released it and are working on it live. I have another site that I work on that has been closed down since May 6th while they revamp the site and work out all the bugs and while I thought it was a good idea at first, after two months of waiting for them to get everything up and straightened out I've become a little disgusted with the whole thing.

LadyDuck wrote on July 17, 2014, 2:34 AM

We waited for months and what we got is a glitchy site full of problems, the spammers are still there, but at least now we can delete their comment.
I do not like the new "only one photo" module, this is causing plenty of problems, many posts were truncated and are no more 400 characters long. I already wrote to the support, I am sure they have plenty of mails to read. Wait and see.

Gina145 wrote on July 17, 2014, 6:11 AM

I haven't encountered many system errors, aside from a big problem with the clock saying that new posts were four hours old yesterday. But I'm really not happy with the removal of categories, and I've found most of my posts getting less views than usual, so something doesn't feel quite right. Hopefully they'll fix all the problems soon.

Gina145 wrote on July 17, 2014, 6:13 AM

I'm trying not to delete comments unless they're really bad - like those advertising other sites. But my warnings to members that they're breaking the rules has been ineffective so far.

tinamarie wrote on July 17, 2014, 9:06 AM

I like the new lay out, well sorta, better than the one they had. It's the glitches that keep me away.

ohcaroline wrote on July 17, 2014, 2:24 PM

I looked at the new Bubblews the first day it went up and was sick, absolutely sick. I feel like they destroyed the posts, your images, and how on earth are you supposed to navigate that site now? I have looked at it for two days and still can't figure it out. Maybe it's just me...but I had a friend look at it who is a webmaster and she can't figure it out either. At the moment, I could care less if I never opened it up again...ever!

Kasman wrote on July 17, 2014, 3:04 PM

momathome - could we be shooting ourselves in the foot by deleted spam comments? We get paid for comments so wouldn't deleting any comment reduce our payment for that post? I think the best solution would be to leave the comments in place and report the spammer to admin - unless admin delete spammers comments when they delete the spammer's account: I'm not sure about that one.

Kasman wrote on July 17, 2014, 3:12 PM

&SandraLPeteresen - agree with you about images enhancing our posts. I use a photo or image on all of my posts and I don't like to see posts without them - I am less likely to read a post without an image. I see that there is now an option available to choose an image from Pixabay. Pixabay is a great site and I use a lot of images from there. Pixabay images are covered by the CC0 licence meaning that their images are available for any type of use whatsoever and do not require an acknowledgement of any kind (although you still should - it's only polite) - perhaps this is why Bubblews choose Pixabay; it avoids accusations of copyright theft.

Kasman wrote on July 17, 2014, 3:18 PM

&CSMcClellan - the Pixabay option on Bubblews is working now but the choice we are given is very limited.However, we can still, as you say, use other photo-sharing sites as was always possible - or we can go directly to Pixabay and not use the Bubblews option.

Ruby3881 wrote on July 17, 2014, 4:13 PM

I have always had the impression that Bubblews is a little kid trying to clomp around in a man's shoes. The site has a lot of really great things to offer, but the lack of professionalism on the part of the owners and administration is a constant stumbling block. Communication with members is atrocious. Much of the content on the site is garbage - partly because rules are too vague or fail to address the issue of quality, partly because rules aren't consistently enforced.

I believe that Bubblews truly could become as big as Facebook. It's not a bad thing for Arvind and Jason to dream big. But I do agree with you that it's hubris to make a few cosmetic changes and immediately send out press releases, when they haven't fixed any of the deeper concerns around quality of content, server reliability, and communication with the membership.

AdrienneJenkins wrote on July 17, 2014, 6:19 PM

They're 26 years old is what the press releases say.

AliCanary wrote on July 17, 2014, 8:18 PM

I sent support a question last night about pictures in posts, because I wanted to change one and I noticed that there is no place to do that on the Edit page. They responded today (impressed!) to say that it can't be done at the moment, but they are working on it, so I imagine they are probably revamping several of the photo issues.

emzrios03 wrote on July 17, 2014, 9:49 PM

I dont like the new look. Im a new member and my post doesnt stay that long on the homepage for the others to view and like.

momathome wrote on July 17, 2014, 11:17 PM

Kasman They do delete the comments when they delete the spammers account. As to losing the revenue, I don't really consider spam comments as legitimate earned income anyway and I'd much rather lose the pennies than keep that junk on my posts.

Kasman wrote on July 18, 2014, 6:04 PM

I agree - I'd rather have worthwhile comments or no comments at all. Spam never was my favourite food! LOL

allen0187 wrote on July 19, 2014, 1:24 AM

I'm late to the party but these are the two things that matters to me most as well:

1) Stable site running smoothly and hopefully, error free.
2) Getting paid on the dot.

I'm going to throw a name here, something that might not be familiar with everyone... MyLot. That site was stable as a rock and paid people in a very timely manner. I was a relative newbie in the online writing world when I started in MyLot so I wasn't able to maximize my earning potential there.

Looking back, I can say though that the site was stable and relatively error free and it paid in a timely manner. Sure they had maintenance schedules but they properly informed their members and sometimes they would double or triple the rate for a specified time so that members can recoup what earnings they 'loss' during the down time.

samcyz wrote on July 19, 2014, 5:49 PM

Oh there you are Mrs.AdrienneJenkins I have been your fan in the old bubblew (you taught me alot how to use it right) and now I found you here in this new site.
The new bubblew still didn't bring back my photo and the spam comment is getting worse. I don't know whether I should switch into this site :)

CoralLevang wrote on July 20, 2014, 10:11 PM

Quite honestly, I don't trust them and their ability to make sound decisions based on the customer/writer who assists them in making their first million.

For me, it came when a friend of mine (whom I referred to the site) did not get paid his first payment nor his last totaling $88. He did receive two or three other payments in-between. He is a entrepreneur. He has been in risk management for years. He is one of the most understanding people of small business that I have ever known, and is someone who is willing to be patient, teach, learn, etc. I even wrote to Arvind on his behalf, since the "support team" did nothing to assist him. Arvind wrote to both my friend and me assuring us both that he would "personally make sure this is resolved." Of course, that has never happened, despite additional email from the both of us. My friend will not write again with them.

I believe that Arvind and his team have a great vision. But vision at the expense of credibility will cause this dream to crash horribly one day. It shows that the only thing they care about is instant gratification...for them. They are no different than the others who jump on the band wagon for a quick buck from around the world. It will be their demise.

Ruby3881 wrote on July 20, 2014, 10:49 PM

I wasn't referring to a chronological age in my comment, although perhaps the inexperience of both Jason and Arvind is something they ought to work at addressing. Maybe they need to balance their youth and exuberance with a more experienced team member who won't be afraid to tell them when they're being unprofessional.

In the meantime, so much about Bubblews just feels like so much lip service, and a little premature ejaculation too....

Ruby3881 wrote on July 20, 2014, 11:00 PM

The problem with their "vision" is that they actively contradict the message they're trying to put out on the internet. They want us to believe they are inclusive, but yet they gear their site towards English speakers and provide no support (such as rules translated into languages like Tagalog or Vietnamese) for English language learners.

They talk big about how Facebook and Twitter make money without sharing, and how those sites treat users as a commodity. But then they try to compete with Facebook and compare themselves with the site. And in their efforts to overtake that site, they adopt the very same attitude towards users that Facebook does.

I agree with you Coral, it will be their demise. With traffic down and more people talking about how Bubblews could get cut off AdSense for all the traffic violations, it's only a matter of time. Meanwhile Persona Paper is growing slowly, but steadily. And its growth is supported by the strong sense of shared values and the professionalism of elitecodex and MaeLou . It's a tortoise and hare scenario....

CoralLevang wrote on July 21, 2014, 1:19 AM

But they pander to the money values that those who are in "third world" have, without giving the support to sustain it. I'm not confident that those they attract immediately will be the ones who will help sustain them. And as long as they ignore those of us who will be in it for more than just the pennies, they will lose those of us who would have been the foundation.

MaeLou wrote on July 21, 2014, 11:58 AM

I'm not so sure age has much to do with it. Will's been programming since he was a teenager. He's now 32, so not much older. I think they walked into it as a way to make money and be the "next big thing" without thinking of the customer satisfaction aspect of it.

PammyG wrote on July 23, 2014, 1:43 AM

Any new site has some problems when it first goes live. It's impossible to plan for the exact number of users at any one time. I suspect with the big push for publicity that Bubblews had an influx of new members, and most of the current crew came out to see the grand unveiling. This couldn't help but put some extra stress on the programming!

PammyG wrote on July 23, 2014, 1:46 AM

I also like the constant flow of new articles, rather than having a collection of 10 or 20 stay stagnant on the front page. I'm not sure though if everything being posted is making the flow at the current time, and that creates a problem when someone posts and doesn't have anyone come to read right away!

PammyG wrote on July 24, 2014, 1:53 AM

Things seem to be working better today, and some features have been added. There isn't any reason that writers can't post on a number of good websites. There's room for all!

SPB100 wrote on July 26, 2014, 1:09 PM

I had high hopes for Bubblews as well, but if nothing else, the error messages are increasing. And, oddly enough, the edit button wasn't explained very well. If you edit one previously published bubble, , you lose one of your ten bubbles for the day. That seems ridiculous. :(

OldRoadsOnceTraveled wrote on August 9, 2014, 7:54 PM

I'm reading this almost a month after, and I can unequivocally say I want my old Bubblews back!

The "new" Bubblews has been nothing but one huge disappointment after another. Even with all the bad things about the old platform, I'd chunk the few things I like about the new one for all the familiar old glitches if I could just have my posts restored to the way they were the day before the change. I'm still sick about the way such a huge portion of my content has been devastated. And now that they have disallowed editing, I can't even try to salvage the wreckage.

madhavan_as wrote on August 25, 2014, 10:51 AM

Social media sites are growing up in tremendrous phase.

ILoveCats wrote on August 30, 2014, 11:58 PM

Every new release has its occasional glitches. Bubblews is working better than ever. I have been there 9 months now, been paid for every redeem and have now over $800 in my pay pal account ready to purchase a new computer when I need one. The number of spammers has been GREATLY reduced, so they done an amazing job on that and have recently allows us to start publishing YouTube videos on our pages. I am so grateful to be a part of the bubble community as I watch it grow and blossom over time, and see amazing things coming in the future for them. The only people I have seen complaining about the site are those who can follow a few simple rules or get their pea brain to put together a mere 400 characters to write a post. So sad, too bad. For the rest of us, it's a blessing. I've met friends around the globe and love learning about their way of life and recipes. I'm one happy bubbler!!

LoudMan wrote on September 25, 2014, 5:54 PM

"The only people?" Really? Because I'd bet you a dollar I can paint a picture in my reader's heads which you can't touch, ILoveCats .I'd bet a lot of real writers I know don't touch the site with a 10-foot-pole ever again. It's not because they can't follow rules (That's just the party line you've been told to regurgitate.

I'm glad you're oh-so-happy. Just mind who you try insulting.

oldies909 wrote on September 28, 2014, 9:45 PM

The long wait for checks does suck but the new site design is ok once you get use to it.

idyll wrote on October 15, 2014, 12:45 AM

oh nice to know that you are here too. Bubblews made the outstanding new layout however now surprisingly stopped supporting to some Asian countries..what's a sad new!

rana199426 wrote on December 14, 2014, 9:39 AM

I currently use this site just for the traffic but not for their money because I was never paid my past redemption anyways..

autumntale wrote on December 27, 2014, 5:45 AM

Bubblews is not glitchy nowadays but people have problem regarding their redemptions. At least Persona Paper respond to e-mail and does pay.

grandma20121 wrote on January 11, 2015, 12:03 PM

iI know this was an issue now it seems to be a new issue on pay rate but hopefully they will iron everything out and it will be back to running smothly again, think all writing sites deserve a chance thats why i am here trying this out, so far i really like it.