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We learn each day..

I believe that in our daily today life we are bound to keep on coming across new things to learn about. this has just happened to me when i logged in to my bubblews account.

The site had to be changed and cleaned out in the course of this month and the long awaited change is here with the bubblews members.

I have tried to know about some of the new changes and some are easy to work with while the rest are a challenge.

I must admit i loved the old face of bubblews.

The good thing is persona is user friendly and easy to maneuver around the site within a very short time even a new member can be able to work comfortably.

I hope that the good work done by the persona admins should continue or even be better, of which i know persona is headed for better.

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cyndycy wrote on July 16, 2014, 1:14 PM

Bubblews is a bit hard to go around now but I hope we will all learn and have fun. I joined persona paper yesterday and am already loving it,persona paper has a great potential.