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Rosco - part 1

Rosco is my new dog, he is a huge puppy that was dumped by a scrap yard , brought home and still not fed enough and thats where I come in , I asked for him . Well the neighbors were getting mad and wanted him dead . Why ? because he is a puppy ( 70 pounds or more ) he was always hungry and he chewed everything in sight , selling news papers to others dog food . At first he was wild and would jump on you scratching you and yes bring blood sometimes but he didnt know better. The chewing ! rocks, anything plastic and paper . I did not know if I could keep him , if I could handle him. I made sure he got fed three to four times a day and that he got a chew snack daily and he had three five gallon buckets of water sitting around the yard for him . After around two weeks I reckon he understood I would feed him. Part 2 coming soon ! By Andria Perry

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GrannyGee wrote on July 23, 2014, 7:28 PM

I love Rosco, already. You must be special to want him ... we are like that... we love dogs. :))))