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Printing Deals from a colorful and informative site

I’ve written about elsewhere before. It’s a simple, colorful website highlighting great deals on business cards, flyers and other business stationery. Navigation is easy because it’s brightly colored, making it easy to see where you need to click to move between the pages.

The founder, Pascal Smits, has been working hard on the site since I last visited, and has added new deals and new pages in the last few months. One of the new pages is Best Business Card Printing Services which gives details of a 2013 poll by Lifehacker involving many of the printing companies he deals with. The results may surprise those of you who only know the big names. Why not take a look; then try the leading company’s against your usual supplier. The quality alone may justify the initial cost per card of $0.50 for a minimum order of 50 cards. Steep, maybe, but if the business rolls in on the back of your investment, why not?

Other in the review may perhaps offer better value, starting at a minimum order of 250 cards (VistaPrint) or with overnight printing (Overnight Prints) where the next day air option adds over $34 to the cost of the maximum order of 5,000 cards, but it is entirely up to you whether you choose over or of delivery over .

That’s the great thing about these printing companies – there’s something for everyone, no matter their preference.

Another new page on the website is the one highlighting the importance of checking for mistakes before sending your order through. From the misspelled (too cool for) SHCOOL road marking outside the local elementary school nearby to the NO PRAKING shown on this page, 'spelling lets everyone down occasionally. I'm prone to calling a ‘marathon’ a ‘marathin’ at times (you will be once you've run one!) and I'm a qualified editor and proofreader.

If you are using , you have to make sure they’re sharp enough to be reproduced or you will end up with pixelated or blurred prints. Fine, if that’s what you want. Embarrassing otherwise. Another strange rule of printing is that what looks black and white will not necessarily come out black and white. At least the colors won’t be printed as such unless you make them greyscale first. You may have seen this on a color copier or printer, where the black print of something printed in color is not as black as the same page in black and white. That’s the effect of greyscale, and it means your print job will be much more expensive unless you submit the page in greyscale.

There are many other tips and tricks on this page to make sure your images and text are the very quality for printing. Many of these options will also save you money, so reading this page before submitting your print job is a very good idea. The links are useful and provide more in-depth reading for those who really want to get it right first time. I've had address labels with mistakes in before, and that was from one of the leading companies of the time, so I know mistakes can happen.

I mentioned business cards in my previous post about It seems like these are the new and savvy way to go, for those who consider themselves techy. They would be appropriate for someone in the IT field to adopt, for sure. Near Field Communication is a wireless way to send data from one device to another, like proximity readers or contactless credit cards. NFC business cards have an embedded chip which can send the website address or product details to your smartphone. There isn’t much space on an NFC chip; it can hold about the same amount of characters as a tweet, but that’s enough for an email or website address and a link to a specific product. The webpage about them goes into much more detail if this is your interest. The major thing about these cards is that they can be updated as needed to keep your data current. is constantly updated with the latest offers, coupons and money saving ideas, as well as information on new products. Regular visits to the coupon page will give you all the latest updates on discounts. At time of writing, the deals come from CafePress, Moo, VistaPrint, TinyPrints, Overnight Prints and Snapfish. Simply click each icon on the page to see the latest deals.

One of the things I like best about is that they show all the they receive from users, not just the good ones. One review earlier this month mentioned being charged extra for an upgrade the customer service agent said would be free. Another back at Christmas criticized another company for not delivering her Christmas cards on time.

Pascal’s tagline is that he is about . This comes through on the website, where he talks knowledgeably and in depth about printing deals and requirements, so that those of us who need printing deals will at least know where to start.

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AliCanary wrote on July 14, 2014, 11:29 PM

I think you forgot the image of the "No Praking" sign (I had to re-type that so that it was incorrect, lol)

WordChazer wrote on July 15, 2014, 1:58 PM

I can only use one image, and the client wanted his logo. Sorry! You'll just have to go to the website and see the image for yourself.