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MISV14 (And The Unexpected Drama Didn't Help Matters Any...)

Right before I got ready to leave for my trip, I was "treated" to an unexpected bit of drama (as if minivan problems weren't drama enough). I won't go into it here, but I'll just say that I have the feeling that it's somehow connected to the same kind of drama that has been going on for quite some time.

If I weren't ready for a change of scenery before the most recent drama (and I was), I was DEFINITELY ready to "get out of Dodge" after this.

I wanted to leave Madison County for a few days just to feel at least a little more normal by taking a road-trip, counting some memories, and celebrating not only the Fourth Of July Weekend but, also, some other things -- such as a special anniversary that would be coming up on Tuesday, July 8.

I wasn't even sure if I would still be on my trip at that time, as it all depended on whether or not I even felt safe driving as well as how my cash held out.

After all, some cash that I was expecting to have with me had either not materialized or else had, at one time, materialized but had been sunk into various types of vehicle repair. I was starting to get the feeling that I was going to end up meeting just about every mechanic in Madison County with each one fixing something but not able to fix everything.

So, on July 3, I began the final part of preparing for my road-trip: figuring out how I wanted to pack (what, how much, etc.), and waiting until after it had been dark for awhile before starting out (cooler for a radiator that tended to frequently threaten to overheat).

I believe that I started driving at eleven and was out of Madison County before midnight -- my personal Declaration Of Independence from all of the drama (both recent and ongoing) going on there!

AJ's Groovy Igloo wasn't behaving perfectly, but, at least, it was behaving fairly well so far, so I kept on going. Soon, I was out of range of


so I switched over to


I can't remember whether I was out of range of the former by or before I got to this filling station and convenience store, but I do know that what took place at the convenience store gave me a bright idea for something to add to the rest of my trip...

(To be continued...)

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