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I t has been some days now since i last visited the site but what made me happy is that the first articles i opened to read were very encouraging and they made me read more and more.

I thought it was people were joking when they said one will get paid just by commenting on other people's posts and this made me happy because the site will be more interactive where people will bring in different ideas on a single post.

Also i have read that the coin payment for the views will be doubled this will keep me posting more and more.

At first things on this site seemed like a mountain but the organization the site has i showing a very promising future for the members.

Many people people are complaining about many sites that have problems working on.It is our duty to keep persona paper as the best site.

The progress of the site takes the effort of every body on board.

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Ruby3881 wrote on July 15, 2014, 1:46 PM

I do think that paying for comments we write on posts is a great thing. But honestly, I believe this community was already writing some good comments and interacting well. Getting paid a coin for a comment is just icing on the cake for me. We're being rewarded for something we were already doing, rather than being enticed to do something new in order to earn that coin.