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Computer woes

I'd have sworn I typed an last night about the current difficulties I'm experiencing.

However, it doesn't seem to have saved as a draft so that's another thing to add to the list of woes.

I'm using my old (a ThinkPad) at the moment, the one with the busted spacebar,so Itendtoenduptypinglikethiseverynowandagain.

Meantime, my year old (Machiney-san, an Acer) is reinstalling . Then I'm going to remove my music downloads to somewhere safe and reinstall and the link to my favorite online radio streaming station. We had some issues lately with our which meant that the stream was very poor. It worked through iTunes and nowhere else. Now, I have no sound on Machiney-san, as I can't work out how to reprogram the sound not to play through iTunes. Nor does iTunes itself play any more.

I have today off work so I can spend time fiddling with this, fortunately. I also have a load of work to complete for so I can be getting on with that while Machiney-san is updating. It's a long job!

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Ruby3881 wrote on July 15, 2014, 12:39 PM

Good luck with your computer woes! I've certainly been there more than a few times, myself. It tends to be a big time sink, even when things are going as expected.

Any advice on landing those first few gigs at fiverr? I have just the one up on offer right now, and really should add a few more. But I've held back the last month or so, because I wonder if it's worth the effort to organize it all if I'm not going to land any clients there. Granted my existing gig is for writing a cover letter, and I might do better offering a different type of writing service. But I wonder if there's anything else you've done to stir up business?

WordChazer wrote on July 15, 2014, 1:51 PM

My first gig was sending people teabags. It's still there. I have three in total, but spend my every waking hour not at work writing articles about websites, products and businesses to promote on social media. I'd rather be working on writing travel reviews for my photographer friend but I am drowning in social media-ites at the moment. Creating content and involving social media in the result is popular - how about saying you will look over someone's resume and post links to wherever they have it online on your social media channels? I used to work on my friends' resumes when I had a computer and they didn't, and that was very popular. Computer woes are under investigation, as is the broadband connection. Have you advertised your gig on Twitter, FB, etc etc? If not, do it - it can't hurt *grin*.