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5 Legged Cow With Photograph

Few Days back I was having coffee with my friend and after drinking coffee we came out.

At around 200 meters away from us we saw a woman and a cow. Actually, in urban areas, it is very rare to see cows roaming around, but we just ignored it.

Some of the people were giving some money to that lady and as she was approaching towards us, we were really inquisitive. In our religion, we respect cow as our mother as she gives milk and we drink it.

But, when it really came near, we realized that this particular cow is 5 legged .

I was really curious and took a photograph of the same and thought I will surely write about this particular cow.

Because, in my life I saw a 5 legged cow for the first time. Hope you enjoyed this photograph.

Note - I had published this photograph in under the same user id. But the content and material is totally different.

Image Credit » 'FiveLeggedCow' - Clicked By Self

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Porwest wrote on July 13, 2014, 10:17 AM

Very strange defect, but these kinds of things do happen all the time, even among humans. Always strange when we see things like this, that's for sure. And because it is quite rare, it makes for quite a shock when we DO see something like that. Thanks for sharing.