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Why I Have Reservations For Total Elimination Of The Like Button

I guess that we all would love to have more coins and if the recent update by elitecodex comes into effect, then yes, almost all our posts are going to generate more coins when compared to the coins they have generated under the current 'like system'.

I have randomly, gone through some of my posts and have realized that the number of views outnumber the number of likes. However, I have some reservations for total elimination of the like button and for the reasons below:

Not all posts require comment-feedback.

Truth be told, not every post requires a feedback. There are those posts which will just require someone to simply like it and move forward to other posts which will require real comment.

Removing the like button will encourage more comments on our profiles.

I foresee a scenario where if the like button is totally eliminated, then more people will resort to leaving comments on our profile pages, just to confirm or what I would call ' to alert us' that they have read our posts. And you can guess what will happen next, one person may end up leaving endless comments on others profiles, just to attract similar 'favors'.

It may slow down internal activity and may require another update.

When we focus on 'views' on our posts, then I guess that this might slow down on internal activity. This will encourage more sharing of our posts on social sites, while giving little focus on internal audience. Then the next challenge will be in identifying the number of views we get from different platforms.

Take an example where I post an article then share it out on Facebook and or Twitter, I guess that this will require another update from the site to enable us clearly identify and track the number of views which will come from different social sites......(this is my imagination).

My Suggestion.

Instead of eliminating the like button and doubling coins related to views, I guess that the best way to launch the proposed update would be by increasing the coins associated with views to 15 (15 coins per view / Instead of 20 coins per view), and then award the remaining 5 coins per like. This way, internal activity will be encouraged and at the same time, external activity will be rewarded.

What is your take on my proposal?

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allen0187 wrote on July 13, 2014, 5:39 AM

You raised a good point. Perhaps this is something the PP admins can look into.

Ruby3881 wrote on July 13, 2014, 7:39 AM

As far as I understand, the like button will remain in place for now. We simply won't see the names of those who have liked, in the same way we won't see the names of those who only view. This is intended to discourage like exchanges. We also won't be getting paid for comments on our posts, so there is no need to be concerned over the comments to likes ratio at all.

Removing the like notification, by itself, could potentially trigger comment abuse. But as there is a low tolerance for that here, anyone who would engage in exchanges will quickly be deleted.

"When we focus on 'views' on our posts, then I guess that this might slow down on internal activity." Why? The first thing a user must do before liking or commenting is to view. What changes?

"This will encourage more sharing of our posts on social sites, while giving little focus on internal audience." Regardless of how each user interacts with fellow users, isn't bringing in external traffic what makes money for the site? Sharing on social networks is desirable, not a drawback to proposed changes.

As for the last bit of your post, my understanding is that the admin want things simple. They aren't offering 20 coins per view. It's two, because before we could earn one per view/like/unique comment. But I think as we transition the idea is supposed to be working in single units, and the exchange rate fluctuating as ad revenues go up and down.

nitsbubb wrote on July 13, 2014, 7:55 AM

I have just posted 3 articles and yet to understand the coins system thoroughly, But like button should be there as you said rightly with additional coins on pressing it.

LadyDuck wrote on July 13, 2014, 8:28 AM

For what I have understood the like button will not be removed, but the fact someone liked will be removed from the notifications. I see that understood exactly the same thing. You should go back and read the post of it seems pretty clear.

LoudMan wrote on July 13, 2014, 8:38 AM

I somewhat enjoy the system they're putting inl place now, as long as it's not being made too overly-complex.

Feisty56 wrote on October 7, 2014, 7:47 PM

In the current system, a poster earns from views to his/her posts. There is no compensation to poster or reader for a "Like." The person making a comment is the one who earns from doing so, rather than the poster earning for each comment made to posts. I hope to see you soon writing here again.

valmnz wrote on June 13, 2015, 1:25 AM

I would prefer to be measured by views rather than likes. As far as I can see, quite a high percentage of people, those who read my posts anyway, tend to read and comment, but often forget to like. If you like a post, in my eyes it is only a small extra step to comment.