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MISV14 (Needing A Change Of Scenery BIGTIME!!!)

I had been wanting to take this road-trip for months, but different things had been getting in my way.

Now, it was July 3, and it still wasn't the ideal time to take the trip, but time was starting to run out on me, as I had so many reasons for taking this trip, and those reasons were reasons with deadlines approaching.

On July 3, not only was I still too financially-strapped to take the kind of trip I wanted to take but, also, my minivan was still having serious issues. In short, the road-trip would not be merely done on a shoestring budget but, instead, on a thread of a shoestring budget -- and it would be done in an at-risk vehicle.

I had just spent most of that day talking to the latest mechanic to handle my minivan's case. He had replaced the intake gasket and had put in a new thermostat, but a test-drive of AJ's Groovy Igloo showed that it was still heating up. Therefore, it had to be the engine. He would be replacing it as soon as he found one that was compatible with my vehicle. He predicted that this could be a week to a week-and-a-half. At least, he would be accepting payments this time instead of cash-up-front as well as giving me a significant discount.

He told me to drive it very carefully and don't let it get into the red area when it came to temperature -- with this being the alternative to what his FAVORITE advice would be: just park it and not drive it until it was fixed -- but he could tell that I didn't have any more time or patience for that!

As the library was closing early in anticipation for the long holiday weekend, it was already closed by the time I got there. BUMMER!!! I really needed to get online no later than yesterday, July 2!!!

If I went somewhere else, I just might find an open library somewhere -- though I knew it would be at least Sunday before I did.

Anyway, I was going to declare my independence from all of the drama going on in Madison County, Indiana by being outside its borders by the time that Independence Day arrived. I knew that nothing was going to be changing for so long of a time as I didn't make the break, so I took a leap of faith (and, perhaps, a touch of foolhardiness) and decided that I was going to take that road-trip, albeit, very, VERY carefully...

(to be continued...)

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