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Video Emailing meets Marketing

In 25 days’ time (at time of writing), the net will see a new revolution.

A new form of video email is coming, courtesy of VidCcommX .

On this website, a 4-minute video explains more. It’s all to do with changing the way video advertising works, and, by a form of affiliate marketing and revenue sharing, allowing everyone to be part of the change. Video email in itself is not that new – there’s Skype for phone and video calls or Facetime for mobile video calling, after all. What is new is the way this idea works.

The launch date is less than a month away, but they are encouraging people to sign up (for free) to help spread the word. There is a promise of financial reward for those who do, plus the chance to be in at the start of something new, different and exciting.

The idea is that you, as an early adopter and promoter, are in the right place at the right time to take advantage of the situation, just like Bill Gates did when he founded Microsoft, Steve Jobs when he turned Apple around or Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook.

The opportunity combines the best of emails, video streaming, advertisements, personal development and access to privileged information. This makes it a masterclass in how best to monetize the internet. The reason is that many of the opportunities available utilize one or two of the trends mentioned but none of them use them all.

Until now.

At the end of the 4-minute video there are links to further videos from Vidcommx which give additional information about the firm, its origins, hopes and plans. The firm’s founders have a combined 60 years of man experience in technology, management, marketing and venture capitalism. They set out their vision, their concept (which is friendly to those who don’t, can’t or are unable to type, because it’s video-based), the available features and examples of the types of people already signing up and using video email.

In these videos, they share ideas of the use of video email, and the industry sectors they are seeking to reach. A screenshot shows the way a video email you receive will look. The company has set out several packages which paying customers can take advantage of, and introduces the Masterminds Pack, which is the premier package for those wishing to take full advantage of the whole opportunity. The way to start is simply by using video emails, and you will begin to earn from that point on, according to the founders. It doesn’t matter which platform you use, this will work with YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook and WhatsApp. There is a detailed explanation of the earnings structure and potential income for individuals and teams. Like all affiliate marketing and Multi-Level-Marketing opportunities, you can start alone, but if you carry on recruiting to your team, you can very quickly earn a decent amount of money.

If you enjoy using and watching video, or send a large amount of emails, this new venture may interest you. In my opinion you could do worse than watch the video linked above and make up your own mind.


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