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How I Spent My (Initial) Summer Vacation Of 2014 (Introduction)

If you're wondering why it has taken me so long to FINALLY take a summer vacation, perhaps, these links might give you some idea:

And this is actually just a sampling -- but I think you have the idea: busy in so many areas; a vehicle with multiple problems; and not a whole lot in the bank (a gross understatement).

From now on, I'm going to be giving this series the beginning title of MISV14 followed by the title of the entry in parenthesis.

Time is growing short (library closing early combined with having lots of other things to take care of), so this will be the last entry I make today. Depending on whether or not my van is at the mechanic's tomorrow (or unable to get me here), I will either add some more entries to this tomorrow or else there will be a pause in the addition of future entries until I get to the place where I have a working minivan that will take me to and from the library with ease.

However, I did take a risk (risky due to traveling on an extreme shoestring budget in a vehicle that still needs attention) and go ahead and hit the road, because I really needed the change of scenery -- and it turns out that I'm very glad that I took that leap of faith and proceeded...

(to be continued)

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