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An Experience of Serene Pleasure

When a wonderful incident takes place around us it fills the heart with a serene pleasure. Many a times I was fortunate to experience serene pleasure and fortunately the sweet feeling continues to be with me even years after.

An early morning I saw a school cab waiting outside my neighbor’s residence. The school kids in the cab were not above six or seven years and ten of them were sitting in it. I could see the cab driver who got down from his seat, went straight at the opposite door of the cab and engaged himself in talking with the little school kids.

All the students were clearly visible to me and so I could read their expression of amazement and happiness very distinctly. After fifteen minutes my neighbor’s daughter came and boarded the school cab. As the cab driver was about to drive away the cab when the rest of the students screamed at him to continue the story he was narrating to them. I then got the clear picture and felt within me a serene pleasure.

Whatever the reason was but the girl was not ready on time. The cab driver could have left the girl and gone or showed some anger and restlessness but no, there was no such sign of it. He co-operated with the little girl’s family and on the other hand managed ten little students so efficiently and lovingly.

If you had the chance to experience such an incident, wouldn't you feel serene pleasure?

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Akshar wrote on July 8, 2014, 2:38 PM

That was nice of him emoticon :smile: I have seen several times the cab drivers getting angry because the children are late emoticon :sad: