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Why PP is so right to distance itself from Bubblews

The lords (and ladies) and masters of Persona Paper spare no effort in making it crystal clear that they do not want this site to be lumped into the same bracket as Bubblews, despite some apparent similarities. I came across something this morning that showed what I assume they are getting at.

I have been a member of Bubblews for quite a long time and get a reasonable income from them, much of it coming from views and comments by people who struggle with the English language. When I logged on this morning the first post I saw - featured on the front page - was as follows:

'It is well known that the stellar team of German Lukas Podolski and Bastian Chwensteigr of more players close to each other in the camp of bonuses, they are friends for a long time, but Ivcriqan for each other whenever they meet with the team, so always Maiholan should do Palmqalb footage and amusing, and he Podolski snapshot funny yesterday when he sat in front of the TV emulator movement Chwensteigr at the press conference and the publication of the image across the official twitter account.'

If anyone can understand that, I take my hat off to them!

This is precisely the sort of garbage that must be kept as far away from Persona Paper as possible, if this site is going to have any sort of credibility. I understand that potential members are given a test in the form of being asked to write a short profile, but I wonder if this goes far enough? I ask this because I have seen posts on this site that betray quite poor English skills that are unlikely to impress potential advertisers.

It's a point for debate. PP needs to welcome aboard people who can write interesting and entertaining material that is also well written, but at the same time it needs to appreciate that not everyone who can make a contribution has English as their first language, and even people who do may not write perfect English all the time. I wonder if it might be worth looking at some form of editing being introduced to PP?

What must not happen, under any circumstances, is the possibility of nonsense such as I have quoted becoming the public face of Persona Paper.

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bestwriter wrote on July 7, 2014, 5:00 AM

It is not necessary that only those whose first language is not English write the way you have outlined in your post. We Indians particularly who have been educated in convent schools write better than those whose first language is English and particularly those who do not have formal education. They learn from their parents whose knowledge again is questionable. Having said that PP needs members. What they can do is to manually check that first post members are supposed to write and not through any software, so that a reasonable amount of errors could be overlooked.

indexer wrote on July 7, 2014, 5:54 AM

It's a question of degrees. Your English is not "idiomatic" in the sense that it is how a native of Great Britain or the United States would write, but it is certainly understandable and acceptable. If I was editing your English for publication I would make a lot of changes, because they would be necessary in that context, but I would not do so in the context of writing online posts on a website such as this. However, the example I quoted goes way beyond tinkering with words and phrases because it is complete nonsense!

bestwriter wrote on July 7, 2014, 6:04 AM

The English that is needed here is different from the type when one writes articles for example. I have written articles and there one needs to have a different approach.

I fully agree with you. What you have quoted in your post is hilarious to say the least. And to think that Bubblews accepts it is shocking. What happens to advertisers there. Do they accept that hogwash?

And as for a native of Great Britain or the United States, their English being 'idiomatic' I have no comments to make. I have many friends from there and they compliment me on my English as a matter of fact. Just saying. :) emoticon :tongue:

quickchai wrote on July 7, 2014, 6:37 AM

I think it's okay to not be grammatically correct at all times, if you get my drift, but what's important is for the post to be at the very least coherent. The post you just quoted is hilarious and totally something no one will understand.. I think it's an article that was entered into a spinning software... I think some of these posts get past bubblews admins because the membership is quite large already and they can't easily check them, but I would like to believe that at the end of the day, that person who posted that will not get paid, since I think, they do check your posts when you redeem.

GrannyGee wrote on July 7, 2014, 7:02 AM

I read your article, and all the comments... I agree with all of you! You are my 'birds of a feather'.... :))) I never wanted to say anything for fear of hurting someone's feelings... I have to say all of you said it in the nicest way possible... just like I think it. :)))) Gloria /Granny Gee

LoudMan wrote on July 7, 2014, 9:57 AM

A point well made. For all that Bubblews has a portion of my heart, they also have this problem. I just wish they'd have accepted me as an editor. Even on my worst days, I'd weed that out.

DaVinci wrote on July 7, 2014, 10:31 AM

Bubblews is a different business model. Almost similar to Facebook, missing that fact is unfortunate. Fact that we discuss Bubblews here tells a lot.

SLGarcia wrote on July 7, 2014, 7:35 PM

I have seen far too many posts like the one you have quoted on Bubblews. As far as editing posts there, I believe it would take far too much time and money. I believe they should simply be deleted instead of making any sort of attempt at editing. Even though I have made a very small amount of money in the 7 months I've been on Bubblews, I have become completely discouraged by the majority of the content there. So far I am finding PP to be a breath of fresh air.

inertia4 wrote on July 8, 2014, 9:46 AM

indexer I totally agree with this post you just made. Bubblews is a great and wonderful site. But I have seen my share of posts as you have mentioned. They are quite annoying and in my opinion not even generic. They are outright gibberish. I also fell these people do this just to earn their few cents. But on the other hand, I have seen some good, coherent, thought out posts on Bubblews. Only from a select few members though. I like to provoke though. And when I write a post there I get those stupid responses. Out of say 10 comments I get, I get maybe 3 normal responses. Not here though. I, so far, have gotten only good coherent responses to my posts.

Gina145 wrote on July 8, 2014, 5:46 PM

I came across a post on the front page yesterday that was almost incoherent, but had received a lot of comments and likes. When something worries me there I tend to bookmark it and come back later to see whether Bubblews accepts it. In this case the article has been deleted, so it seems they are trying to get rid of nonsense posts.

AliCanary wrote on July 8, 2014, 5:48 PM

Spun content has become particularly egregious on Bubblews, and it's annoying, but having to wait for editorial review is far more annoying. I believe that once we have sufficiently proven we have the skills to adequately express ourselves, we should be able to just go for it. I think the application test was a great idea and has probably already helped this site immensely.

AdrienneJenkins wrote on July 19, 2014, 8:04 PM

Here here. Some crazy, stupid stuff. I'm glad Persona Paper is taking a hard line stance against such nonsense.