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Create Your Own Like And Dislike System

For those of us that have a desire to keep up with our friends. The Liking system is a major part of how we do that. So what can you do when a site doesn't have a Liking system or want one. Then creating your own system may be something to consider or to try.

It isn't that hard to do at all and just takes getting started. There are several other sites that allow you to post your article links on their social networks. Just find one of those networks and add friends that you have on your writing sites.

Then post your links on that site to articles that you have written on other websites. They can see what you have posted and then go to that post. In turn when they post a link to an article they have written you can go to their post if you want to. It doesn't mean you have to visit everyone's links in return.

Many people already do this on Facebook and Twitter and places like Tumbler. It isn't any kind of traffic exchange but just a friends network. Not all posts will be seen and viewed. But it is a way of still keeping up with all your friends and their posts. It is just an option to those who don't have a system on their website.

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madhavan_as wrote on August 25, 2014, 10:11 AM

yes and nice indeed. Happy to your views...