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God Helped Me

Hello everyone, I am back with a thrilling but interesting story. This is a real story of God Who helped me in a time of difficult when others dis not. I was feeling alone at that time but only God shown me not only the path for rectifying problem I was facing but even He resolved that bloody problem by sending one Angel from Heaven to my office.

Actually what happened that one day I was facing problem with my electrical main board in my office and this was a major problem for me but the electricians were not taking this seriously and did not help me to resolve the problem and that is why they did not visit to my office but I was afraid of that because it can produce a total blackout in my office. So I was so worried but then a lightening magical moment entered into my life. On that day it was raining and one person who was milkman by stood by outside my office. When I saw him and invited him to sit inside to wait for the rain until stop.

He entered into my office and suddenly he pointed out to the electrical problem and I told him about the story about the refusal of electricians. Then he asked from me if I have any screw driver with me, I gave one test pin to him and he found the problem and rectified. The rain stopped and he went. From that day I am working well in my office without any fear.

For me this is a magical miracle of God Who helped me when human did not care and did not helped me.

Thanks God you are always here to help the needy peoples and you are always around.

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LeaPea2417 wrote on December 30, 2015, 5:48 PM

God does work in mysterious ways to help us. I am so glad He helped you in this situation. I hope you come back here to write more.