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Simple things our children teach us

For those of us with small children, is great to see how they grow and start becoming independent people, and give us one lesson or two about how to face challenges in life.

For many reasons, my daughter has always had shoes with no shoelaces, so yesterday when she got a pair of pink shoes with laces, she immediately considered crucial to learn how to tie the shoelaces.

After I showed her how to do it, and practicing together a couple of times, she tried by herself for a while with mixed results. She did look a little frustrated by that, but went to bed without complaining.

This morning, the first thing she did was try to tie the shoelaces, and voila, she was successful right away, then came to show me what she had done.

Look at her standing in front of me, I immediately realized that sometimes we stop trying too soon, right after our first failure. If we don’t get what we want at once, we just don’t pursue it anymore. It’s true we sometimes need to stop and review what we have done, but that does not mean we have to quit. We need to keep trying!

Just look at your kids and see how focused and stubborn they can be sometimes. I guess we can learn from them too.

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