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Ainsley Jo Phillips' Coin Factory (Stubborn As A Mule)

Once in awhile, I come up with some interesting (I think, anyway) new words, so I decided that I was going to write a series on this.

I began the series by coining two new words:




You can read about this by going here:

Originally, I was going to make my next entry a phrase I'd coined way back in 1977, but I ended up coming up with a new word that I would like to introduce here today.

Read this one of my blog-entries...

...and you will see what inspired it.


A minivan that exhibits behavior that puts one in mind of the antics of a stubborn mule.

Use in a sentence:

"My mule-y-van is at the mechanic's now to fix its intake gasket and whatever else has been causing the blasted thing to keep heating up and stopping so often that at least two of my friends decided that they weren't about to ride with me again until I was able to fix the problem."

Are we having fun yet!?!


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