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Family time!! :-)

My dad has the habit of going for everyday. No matter when he sleeps at night, he make sure that he will get up by 5.30 and start the walk by 6'O clock! He will walk for almost 7kms daily. On the way he may find somebody as a company to walk. But it doesn't bother him if he is alone! He will be back home around 7.30.
My mom will be ready with a bowl of oats porridge, one egg white and news paper. This is his morning routine for almost 7 years unless it rains or he is sick!

I can never imagine how determined he is to strictly follow that every day. I always wanted to make it a practice but I never found myself so determined or motivated like him.

But for 2 months I started an evening walk along with my husband and our daughter! I always find this as a family time, where we can talk about our day, about the topics we love, play with our daughter on her favorite play area!And ofcourse it will help us stay healthy both physically and mentally!
No matter if we are health conscious or not, spending time with family is more important and I love these evening walks with my family!

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NeldaHoxie wrote on July 1, 2014, 6:07 PM

I think you found your answer. Find a time that makes sense for you. It sounds like a great habit to instill in your daughter.

Akshar wrote on July 4, 2014, 9:07 AM

Yes it is.she just love the time we are together and love to meet people emoticon :smile: