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Gintama - the anime that mastered the trolling art

If you tired of watching traditional animes which with huge plots and endless details . Here is the best anime for it. Gintama or the anime of gintoki's sans world. Which i find it pretty amazing and fascinating compared to other animes which is running on present world.

The anime is about a samurai world via actually the samurai has been lost the war with aliens and currently aliens are running the world and samurai has been banished. There was a one retired samurai called gintoki now run a business as a mercenary that do anything their customers ask them to do.

The anime didn't have any plot .they were just day today activities even thought sometimes there are few plots with 3 to 4 episodes. They troll all the other anime. the one trolling bleach was pretty awesome. :D if you want to laugh and change the way of thinking i suggest you to watch gintama.

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jamarse wrote on July 19, 2014, 3:30 PM

I am a fan of anime and am always looking to expand my "To Watch" list. . . I will certainly add this to my list - I never know, it could be my next favourite, and I wouldn't know that unless I try it! :) Thanks,