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Yolanda (Haiyan) Victims Still In The Dark

After more than a year, Typhoon Yolanda still makes it in the headline. It may not be about the devastation but it is now more on how the people affected by the typhoon are now doing in their lives, on how they are moving on and coping amidst the tragedy.

But the tragedy was not an end; it was a beginning of another tragedy. I happen to read a news article published in Philippine Daily Inquirer (June 26, 2014) by Matikas Santos. The story tackled about the most controversial issue that Yolanda victims are faced right now—housing problem. It is true that the government is looking into the rehabilitation of the devastated provinces and pulling in resources to provide housing facilities but the problem is it is still not enough.

With the huge amount pouring into the rehabilitation coffer, it is a wonder why the victims are still not given and provided with what they should need.

Shelter is human’s most basic need apart from food and clean water. The article reports that the most affected of all the victims are the children. Their vulnerability from ‘poverty, exploitation and family breakdown’ is imminent if a proper and permanent shelter is not provided. We who are in the comforts of our own home are not aware that our brothers and sisters in Eastern Visayas have not yet totally recovered from the typhoon. It is heartbreaking to know that many victims are living in temporary shelters which should have been permanent by now. I cannot understand with what the government do with all the donations. This story makes me really angry. But, at least, there is an organization like Save the Children that looked into this issue especially oft he younger ones.

I hope that by coming up with this kind of story, government agencies assigned to look into the welfare of Yolanda-hit victims with utmost priority. May the children be spared from suffering more and that it will not take another more months for this issue to be addressed.

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VASS wrote on July 11, 2014, 10:07 PM

That's very sad. Thank you for this awareness article. We don't get to know things like this through the media. Apparently, the World Cup is more important.