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Movie review: Mrs Brown's Boys Da Movie

I am a huge fan of the TV show Mrs Brown's Boys and was looking forward to going to see the movie which came out yesterday, my mother also loves the show so we decided to go and see it together this afternoon.

The movie is not really anything like the TV show, Mrs Brown's Boys is a hilarious, laugh a minute type show about an Irish woman and her crazy family. The movie features the same family but is based on the story of some Russian blokes trying to close down the famous Moor Street Market, you see it turns out Agnes Brown has a stall there which has been handed down throughout the family for generations. Having watched the show since the new version started, I had no idea Agnes had a market stall.

Agnes is hit with a large tax bill which apparently occurred because her grandmother did not pay a bill of less than 100 Euro many years ago, of course over time this has gained interest and Agnes, as the stalls current owner is apparently liable for around 5 million Euro. It turns out there is a receipt for this payment which of course her grandmother did make and the rest of the movie is spent trying to get the receipt from the records office. Buster and a team of blind ninjas (yes you did read that right) do get the receipt eventually and manage to outrun the Russians to get it to the court in time.

The movie is funny at parts and it really is a lovely story which shows the Moor street market as a friendly, welcoming place. All the traders come together to support Agnes and save the market. If you have an idea of how important this market is to Dublin, you will understand why they go to such lengths.

We also find out quite a lot of information about the Brown family that we do not know from the show, I wonder if this will be incorporated in to the programme.

Overall it is a good movie, but if you are going to see it expecting the same type of thing you see in the show you may be disappointed.

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