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I have so much to tell you about Larry -- with one thing being that he took a tumble on Thursday (June 26, 2014) and received a few booboos.

And the situation is getting curiouser and curiouser.

How so?

Allow me to refer you to an entry I made in my blog where I tell about another special friend who took a tumble. The entry actually covers several incidents, so the account of the tumble of this other friend (unnamed for now) is in the last part of this entry.

Anyway, I'm going to compare these two guys:

Larry: short and slim
Other friend: tall and stout

Larry: right-handed
Other friend: right handed

Larry: tripped and fell on his driveway that should have been constructed better
Other friend: tripped and fell down an airport escalator he never should have been on -- and WOULDN'T have been had he known that there was another option for getting to baggage claim

Larry: needed to be assisted in getting up from the pavement
Other friend: needed to be assisted in getting up from the airport floor

Larry: gash on head requiring no stitches, broken left wrist, and numerous bruises
Other friend: gash on head requiring no stitches, broken left wrist, and numerous bruises

Larry: plenty of pain being somewhat relieved by meds
Other friend: plenty of pain being somewhat relieved by meds

Anyway, my "adopted" big sister, Pinky, and I stopped by to visit Larry yesterday and see how he was doing, and he already had visitors there -- with one of them being his "adopted" twin sister. She told me that she had just taken him to Frisch's to eat and that it was easy to tell that Larry wasn't feeling all that great in that he was only able to eat about 3/4 cup of food after she had treated him to what he'd usually put away quite a bit more of: spaghetti & meat sauce along with the buffet. So she asked their waitress to box it up for him. The waitress must have been new, as she said that she couldn't do that, so Twin Sister asked to speak to the manager, and this waitress said that the manager would probably say the same thing.

Twin Sister came back with a couple of arguments in favor of Larry being able to take the contents of his plate home with him. One of them was that the food had been paid for, and nobody else would be getting to eat it, as it would simply be scraped into the garbage can. The other thing she brought out was that everybody at Frisch's knew and liked The CanMan.

As you can imagine, Larry got to take his food home with him to enjoy later--which is fitting, as Larry hates to waste food!

Anyway, he looked really adorable in his red cast -- and his eyes lit up when he saw all of the things that Pinky and I brought over to him. Some of the food items I brought to him were from a really neat event in which I'd participated for the first time: the tailgate put on by Second Harvest. But that is an entirely other story that I'll save for another time...

But Twin Sister told me that she was starting a campaign to get Larry 110,000 more tabs minimum by no later than July 10, and she asked me if I would help her by getting the news out. Of course, I told her that I would, so I've posted the following bit of writing on my Timeline at Facebook as well as in a couple of groups there. And, of course, I'm posting it here -- and, also, will be providing a link to it in my blog.

I have the feeling that Larry will have absolutely no trouble getting those 110,000 more tabs -- but, of course, that's going to depend on how people respond. I have a feeling that the response will be very! Very!! VERY!!! good...

What I posted over at Facebook:

On July 10, 1941, Ian Whitcomb (the guy who's famous for this song) was born. That means that this coming July 10, he will be 73. Time flies, doesn't it!?!

And time is flying towards July 10, 2014 when I want a certain guy who really turns ME on to have reached his special milestone of 10,000,000 tabs collected for Indiana's Ronald McDonald House since he began doing this in 2003.

Actually, I didn't come up with this date -- his "adopted" twin sister did, but I think it's a really fitting date!

If you're reading this, please join in on getting as many pop can tabs to Larry Eugene "The CanMan" Van Ness as you possibly CAN!!! You can bring/mail tabs by themselves and bring tabs still attached to their cans!

Thanks (in advance--and in the past and present) for participating!!!

His twin plans to post pictures of Larry's arm all dolled up in his new, red cast. I can hardly wait to see that. I don't know if the pictures show just his casted arm or more of this adorable teddy bear, but I saw him yesterday, and I can tell you that the cast is a perfect match for Larry (lookswise and getting-him-mendedwise), but how it feels on him isn't the most wonderful thing he's ever been through in his life.

Go here... keep up with this series!

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