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I feel Glad to see my friends here....

friends i used more than ten social websites like facebook, golb all share , tumbler , twitter , yahoo , youtube , Google+ and so many others . i have more than 1000 friends on facbook . 100 above circles on google+ , above three hundred follower on twitter and same on tumbler and so many other friends on different sites. I want to say this i know only 30 percent peoples in my all communties which are my common friends are my relative .I don,t know others but i am able for this to identify my all friends any where in the world.i feel glad when i see my friends on persona paper becasue more than 50 percent are those which have skills like me. and want to connect are meet with different peoples in the world by writing articles are doing chat.I think persona is a good way to connecting with new ones and making a big communtie .There for i want to make a big communtiy on persona. may you help me friends.

Image Credit » image credit gone to me i am in the picture.

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