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Tips to keep ants away from your kitchen

I presume this is a problem faced by most of the householders. Even if we try our best to keep the kitchen clean and clear but somehow the ants will creep in and make our life horrible.

The red ants are too scary as their bites can make us suffer a lot. I have searched the net many times but the solutions that they give came of no use to me until one of my friend’s mother came to our help.

She advised us to make a solution of detergent and spray it on the edges of the wall where the ants are more likely to crawl. She also advised to wipe the kitchen slab and allied cooking area with soapy solution and let it stay for some time. I usually spray the solution after all work is over in the kitchen, mostly after lunch and dinner and it really worked wonders. Ants are no more seen in and around my kitchen. You may try this too. Hope it helps.

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scheng1 wrote on December 7, 2014, 7:02 AM

I just buy Terro anti-ants liquid to kill all the ants. The ants bring the liquid to their nest, feed all, and then all ants die.