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How to make your computer run fast?

We all face the problem of a slow running computer some time or the other. At times it takes ages for the computer to boot. So we need to keep some tips handy in order to cope up with these problems.

• You must keep your web browser clean from cookies. Checking the option “clean memory on exit” can do it automatically.

• Defrag the hard drive at regular intervals .

• Uninstall programs that are of no use to you at present.

• Reduce the number of startup programs. Go to ‘run command’ and type ‘msconfig’ and stop those programs that are not needed.

• Cleanup unwanted programs. Check disk and disk cleanup programs will help in this case.

• Update the operating system and programs on regular basis. Backdated programs can bring in malware and virus.

• To keep your systems safe and protected try using reliable anti-virus and ant-malware software.

• Remember to backup your computer data on regular basis.

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