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The Beauty Of The Neon Lights

It's a gloomy night. No stars can be seen in the sky except for the blurred yet still beautiful full moon.

Since it's quite dark, times like this, you will appreciate the beauty of the neon lights. They are very colorful and sparkling from a far like the stars. The clusters were from the towering buildings, houses and the satellite towers. So wonderful to look at.

Last week, I had a midnight flight going back to the city. As we were approaching the Metro, the lights were very beautiful as seen from above. It's like a city decorated with millions of christmas lights.

Oftentimes, I did not pay attention to this scene. But in times of solitude, I've learned to admire and appreciate its value.

This is also so with the things we have in our lives. Most of the times, we ignore their worth and importance in our lives. From small things to greater ones, remained unnoticed until they're gone.

These neon lights play very important role in our lives in times of darkness. Always remember, "Light is Power" and we need power to survive.

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