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How to get rid of nail biting

Some of us have the habitual act of nail biting, since early childhood until they became teenagers, that kind of habit is still present until we reach our adulthood. To get rid of this habit imagine that you are eating germs and bacteria every time you bite your nails. That's why you should keep your nails covered with a transparent varnish. Don't forget that this habit might cause whitlows, gastric upsets and spotty skins, apart from distorted nails.

If your nails split, use your manicure set correctly. Do not use the nail varnish remover too often.

Another problem with nails are the white spots which appear on them, caused by acidity in overweight people. If this is the case, limit the salt in your diet or food. The harder, white spots on nails are caused through bangs or knocks resulting in air bubbles under the nail plates.

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