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Ainsley Jo Phillips' Coin Factory (Introduction)

Today on Saturday, June 21, 2014 (a.k.a. the first day of this year's summer), I ended up coining two new words:




Here are their definitions and examples of their use in sentences:


It's like a landmark only it's a human being.

Use in sentence:

"Out on North Broadway in Anderson, Indiana USA (right across from the main entrance of Shadyside Memorial Park*), Larry Eugene Van Ness loves to stand out and wave at people driving by, both lifting their spirits and his -- but that's far from all this amazing local personmark does to make the world a much better place!!!"



Actions taken to get a newly-coined (or even one coined at an earlier date that hasn't made it to a dictionary yet) word or phrase recognized by at least one dictionary.

Use in sentence:

"I've just coined the word personmark, and I'm now going to dictionaryize it!"

Anyway, I've now decided to create this series to be used during those times when I end up coining a new word/phrase (and/or, in one case in particular, have coined a new phrase ages ago but haven't yet officially done anything with it as of the time of this writing -- though it will probably be the next item featured in this series...)

Stay tuned...

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