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This is a category (actually, it's a SUBcategory, perhaps) I've created for the purpose of sharing news about Larry Eugene Van Ness (a.k.a. The CanMan).

This entry happens to be the introduction -- both introducing Larry and the direction in which I plan on taking this infinite series.

Let's start out with the Tweet I recently (meaning noonish on the first day of summer where I live: June 21, 2014) Tweeted (which I'm enclosing in an area of stars...


I think Larry Eugene "The CanMan" Van Ness is AMAZING!!! So...What ELSE is new!?!

Please ReTweet!!!


When you read the post, you'll at least begin to appreciate why this Anderson, Indiana personmark (a term I just coined to describe a landmark who is a person) is so very special!!!

I hope that this, in turn, will inspire you to want to learn more and more about what he's about and what he does.

(To -- MOST DEFINITELY -- be continued...)

Go here... keep up with this series!

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