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Gloomy Day

The weather is so gloomy. The sky is cloudy. It looks like heay rain will fall, but it never do. During this type of weather, I feel a little bit gloomy too, especially I am all alone here in my home. Can the weather condition affects our emotion? Probably. Somehow I have this notion that we human beings are connected to nature in one way or another, that our emotions are also connected to what's happening around us. In the same way that the weather, being part of nature, can really also affects how we feel and our moods as well. Is it the weather that makes me sad? Or is it because I am just alone, with no one to talk to? Whatever the cause maybe, I sense that maybe a little bit of this weather condition somehow has an effect to whatever I feel right now.

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Anja wrote on June 21, 2014, 7:01 AM

It's always fair weather on the internet and there's always someone to talk to :)