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Unfortunately folks will decide to choose those places many people feel and sense they're going to become far more productive and produce real true results at, over the unproductive ones. These individuals will most definitely choose to be there rather than waste their precious time that many of us out here online don't really have.

If you are a single parent it's seriously tough, if you have a job either online or offline it's almost impossible to find time unless you don't have children and could manage to squeeze in some hours here and there.

For the most part those who have no job at all or no child responsibilities are the ones whom are in the prime and ready position to achieve great things online, but it takes knowledge and the overall acknowledgement of what needs to be adhered to for them, or the intense times they have to do and perform on these multiple networks they are apart of will tend to back fire on them.

Getting in trouble, and banned from any given networking community due to ignorance, or breaking the rules blatantly occurs more often then it doesn't. So be sure to read everything in writing regarding the rules or terms of use to every web location you choose to place a online profile on, and use as a form of content publishing or distribution aka social sharing of your original content.

Overall this online writing gig, and networking thing takes a great deal of patience, balance, and true determination to make it happen. I'm living proof that its doable and to help a person sustain themselves financially during hard times of a unstable economy for sure!

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BarbRad wrote on September 30, 2014, 3:14 AM

It's very important to know the rules and policies of a site and also what sort of content is most likely to succeed there.