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Girls Day Out: Continued

There is a residence on our road that has some horses and I have wanted to stop in while there was someone outside, but always chickened out.

As we were walking by today, a little boy darted up the long dirt driveway (with mom close behind calling him back) yelling "Baby, baby". That is when Mae (my 9 year old) asked if we could go see the little boy. If you could have seen her face, you probably would have said yes as well...

As we reached the edge of the driveway Kc (my 11 year old) asked the woman if it was alright if we all could look at the animals. With no hesitation the woman said yes and invited us in. After introductions the woman asked the girls if they wanted to help feed the animals and of course they both excitedly agreed!

After feeding the calves, donkeys and pony, the woman brought out Charlie, a gentle old man whom the woman rescued from an auction. Mae used a curry comb while the woman brushed him out a bit. Then the woman brought out a blanket and saddle and let all 3 girls have a ride on him. After the rides were done the girls helped to unsaddle and bring Charlie back to the barn, where Kc asked if she could take a picture of him.

Sadly we had to head home, before we left the woman invited us to come back... Not only did our Girls Day Out end up being a fun day for the girls, I also ended up with a new real life connection...

Thank you girls ♥

Photo is mine of Charlie

Image Credit » Mine kcmaice

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