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Some Tips For continued Writing Inspiration

I've been writing quite a bit today thanks to some tricks I've picked up over the years. I thought I'd share some of that with you.

One of the biggest tips I can ever offer is for you to read. Start at some site you like and just let the links take you where they will. You can get all sorts of inspiration. You may even find a new site to love, or a site to hate. Who knows? Today I started at FaceBook and went to Elite Daily, the Washington Post, LiveLeak, US Magazine and a bunch of other places I normally wouldn't visit. It gave me lots of fuel for writing. Reading professionally written articles can also help you be a better writer. Since they have proofers and editors they're usually a good way to learn better spelling, grammar and word use. You can also learn how to make catchy titles.

Television can be inspiring too. The news is the obvious thing, but even if you never watch the news, browsing around the television stations for a while can give you things to write about. Maybe you'll be inspired by a commercial, a trailer, a show you land on or just the name of a station. No matter what you like to write about, the TV can actually help at times.

Re-read your old work. Can you elaborate on an old topic? Do you have more to say about it? Have your feelings changed enough that you could write a new piece? This can be especially good if you're a prolific writer. I've written more than 3000 articles in my time as an online writer, and I've revisited old topics many times.

Chat with people. Yes, a conversation with a friend online or in person could get your creative juices flowing. You never know when that conversation about salad or a significant other or your favorite show will turn into something you can write about.

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kcmaice wrote on June 17, 2014, 7:23 PM

The tv made me stop and think a few minutes ago. Nightly News with Brian Williams asked "What were you doing 20 years ago tonight?" I think I might use that for a post tomorrow...

momathome wrote on June 17, 2014, 8:26 PM

Those are all good tips, and if any of those should ever fail there are lots of "writing prompt" posts or even apps that you can use to help you find something to write about.

I typically have plenty of material to write about just from day to day life, so I haven't actually used any prompts yet but I did download one for my kids to use for writing lessons.

Ravenmount wrote on June 20, 2014, 5:28 PM

I also like using twitter and pinterest to get ideas. I follow lots of journalists and media on twitter, so I get all the major world news and local news on my twitterfeed, along with lots of other stuff. On Pinterest I follow lots of interesting pinboards and people and see all sorts of interesting art (and artists I can learn more about) and crafts to try, plus history and science stuff, as well as the almost obligatory fashion pins. Right now so few people or using this site that I'd be wasting my breath and good material if I wrote all the posts I think about writing, but once traffic picks up to where more than a dozen people on here ever see or like my posts, there's plenty to write about.